Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday, monday......

Yes it's officially my weekend now :)

I was going to meet up with my walking group but i was asked to have a meeting with some college students who are writing something on the group i've been with. The one that does walking, yoga, weights etc.
No problem, you know i love to talk!

So knowing i wouldn't get any exercise from the walking group today i went to my favorite park and walked and walked. Then i made my way to my favorite health food store to pick up a few things. After that i went to my favorite coffee house for some time to catch up with the computer :)

I rambled home to find the hubs on the bbq making some angus burgers!! And he had the wine all ready for me. Love that man :)

Oh by the way i think i found out what made me sick last week after yoga! Coffee!!  I don't drink coffee very often (maybe once a week if that) and today i got a coffee and immediately felt nauseous :( And that's what i had right before yoga. So no coffee before yoga again :)

All i have to say it was a perfect day. I even bought myself a new water bottle.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day! You are so lucky to have such a beautiful place to walk. Hope you have a nice "weekend" :D

  2. so great you figured out what made you sick after yoga last week!

    cute water bottle!

  3. I love a perfect day! Your hubs sounds like a keeper!

  4. Wow, those are some a-MA-zing flowers! Great work. =)

  5. I love love love your energy.
    I swear just clicking over here makes ME GRIN.

    would you consider a guest post?

  6. WOW! The world would be in trouble if coffee ever started making me sick! Great photos!!
    Ask Garcia

  7. Hi Suzi. Glad you had a day filled with favourite things!

    Bearfriend xx

  8. I appreciate your blogs but this one especially made me smile. Your husband sounds awesome and I love your note about coffee-- listening to our bodies is a challenge, but oh so rewarding! Thanks for all the motivation!

  9. Great photos are I like your blog! Have a great day!
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  10. Angus burgers and wine!!! You do have a good man...

  11. Love your hair! That pic is really great! You do look beautiful :) Makes me glad I look a lot like you ;)
    Cute bottle too!

  12. Sounds like a great day! Beautiful pictures!