Monday, April 26, 2010

Today's plan...

Well this morning i need to doing a bit of work around the house, i really don't wanna but i will :)

Then it's a quick lunch before heading to Cambridge for the bowling event i have planned for people with mental health issues. And no i won't be having the hot dog and fries that are provided!

On the way to the bowling i'm going to get off the bus early so that i can get a few steps in. I'm in a challenge for steps and i've been really good about going on long walks everyday :)

How is your day going??


  1. I hear ya on the house cleaning. I need to do some myself. I should tomorrow. I'll probably find a reason not to ... LOL

  2. Wow...great idea getting off the bus earlier and walking. Please email me your address so that I can send your spice samples.

  3. I am off for my first 'proper' walk this morning - hopefully it will be almost vertical with only the odd diversion into nearly horizontal - lol...I am taking my new phone with my SOS pager thing on it - that gives me a little confidence...2miles I reckon - will see.

  4. GREAT IDEA about the bus.
    My dad still takes the bus to work and thats kinda his excuse for not having time to workout some mornings.

    Im passing this along to him....

  5. Isn't it incredible how the mainstream mental health system is so unconscious of nutrition? I worked in psych units for years and always wondered how they expected the patients to improve when they were fed things like hot dogs and fries!

  6. The bowling alley is so hard for me! I have to make sure I eat before taking the kids or I give in, even though I know it's not the best thing.

    I hope you have a great time!