Thursday, May 27, 2010

A few things i really like!

My daughters home tonight :) Can you tell i'm excited? Here's a list of things i really like:

1. Crofter's jam and the puddy cat!

2. Allegro cheese-4% fat so i can get double the amount i would normally get :)

3. Homemade waffles that i made this morning

4. Blue menu muffins from president's choice

5. prunes and almond butter (must remember to make this soon)

6. Cherry tomatoes

7. Goji berries

8. Healthy banana splits

9. Frozen smoothie bars

10. crackers with light laughing cow and jam :)

11. Tetley tea

12. Waffle sandwiches

13. bananas

14. Light laughing cow cheese

15. berries

What are some of the things that your enjoying??


  1. You gotta love President's Choice...they have a lot of good products. (I even used to spot a few PC items at Jewel supermarkets in Chicago...I loved that Canadian products had infiltrated a US chain.)

    La Vache Qui that too. (I used to abbreviate it as VQR on my grocery lists...Mr. Debbie could never figure out what it was.) Have you ever had the French Onion flavour? Really good on whole wheat crackers or with carrot sticks.

    There's that cat I love. Give him a big smooch!

  2. Oooh ! Another goji berry fan !!!! I love them in oatmeal and in yogurt. I am with you- berries of just about any kind are great things !

  3. Oh Boy my mouth is watering!!!
    With the exception of the Tetley tea (I'm a PG Tips Girl)I want all of that gorgeous food waitng for me when I get home, thank you:)

    Have a great time with your daughter.


  4. love laughing cow cheese on a savory tomato basil rice cake - YUM!

  5. Homemade salsa! Tis the season!

  6. awe man... that looks all soo gooood!

    right now fresh berries... so so good...

    and...snacksize mcflurries from mcdonalds... so healthy right!?

  7. Oh My gosh! Those waffles look SO delish!! I love salmon... and love to try different ways of cooking it. Check out my blog where my husband and I are on a journey of losing weight. It's at:

    I love your blog and will be visiting often!!

  8. This is a great idea. There is plenty of healthy things I love but listing them would keep them in the forefront of my mind. Instead of thinking of things I need to stay away from I could think about the best things life has to offer. Thanks!

  9. EVERYTHING you make looks sooooooo yummy!! i was over at your other blog and started to get hungry!! can you come cook for me from now on?? ;)

  10. Your waffles and pancakes always look SO awesome. I like that laughing cow cheese on apple slices. Whole salty/sweet thing, I guess.

  11. Your waffles and pancakes always look SO awesome. I like that laughing cow cheese on apple slices. Whole salty/sweet thing, I guess.

  12. Mmmmm!!!! Delish!!!! ;)

    I just discovered that I love Hungry Jack Wheat Blends pancakes. No syrup - they're yummy all by themselves!

    I re-discovered just how wonderful grapes and oranges are. Yum!!!!

    And I LOVE LOVE LOVE tuna. Yeah. LOL, mixed with cottage cheese and lots of apple cider vinegar!!!! <3

  13. How cool all the French things up there.
    Even the cows are in on it.
    No wonder they are happy - and laughing!

  14. That healthy banana split looks super yummy, do you have a recipe somewhere? All your pics looked yummy.

    As for some of my favorite things:

    honey vanilla camomile tea with milk and splenda
    sugar free fudgesicles (40 calories)
    homemade protein bars
    mini bbq chicken/onion pizza
    greek yogurt
    chocolate almond butter (not sure what brand it is)
    any kind of fruit
    laughing cow is one of my favs too

    I'm sure I could go on and on lol