Sunday, May 30, 2010

Weekly goal update

    Last weeks goals:

1. Keep drinking my water as i find this really sets the tone for my day.A+ on this one :)

2. I will lift weights 2 times this week.A+ on this one as well! 

3. Keep on planning my food in advance as this saves me time and stress!I did but i need to do some more today. 

4. Plant some flowers because that makes me smile every time i leave the house. And when it's nice and warm i love to eat outside and enjoy the view :)Yep another goal under my belt. I'll take photos as soon as they bloom. 

5. To give my daughter a great big hug and try not to cry too much, then go out for sushi with her!! She's finally coming home this week after being away for 2 years. didn't cry (that has to be a first), gave her more than one hug and tomorrow we go for sushi! 

    This weeks goals:
1. Keep drinking the water (i like to have reminders) 

2. Totally enjoy my 4 days off of work :) That shouldn't be too hard! 

3. Buy myself a fanny belt to hold my camera, debit card, keys etc when i'm out walking. Carry a water bottle and camera etc is not the easiest thing to do. 

What are your goals this week??

(sorry playing around with the computer)


  1. Oh, Mommy - happy tears!

    I need reminders of important things, too.
    I didn't think I would, because they are SOOO
    important. But I slip off track far too easily if I don't!

  2. Having something to carry all of your stuff in on your walks will be nice! It seems like a lot of the workout pants don't have pockets either!