Saturday, June 19, 2010

Another one bites the dust!!

Walk that is :)

Yep got off the computer chair long enough to go for a 60 minute walk. It was not as enjoyable as it usually is because 1/4 of the way it started to rain and i was of two minds about whether to go home or continue. However, since i was already wet i decided to keep going. It is hot and very humid and we're supposed to get thunderstorms today. By the time i got home sweat was dripping from my nose, upper lip and god knows where else :) Sound like i'm complaining?? Not me i love the heat but the rain can stay away anytime!

Tried a new brekkie this morning: whole wheat english muffin, egg substitute, light laughing cow, tomato, lettuce and turkey bacon mmmmm.................. is all i have to say.

Hope you guys are all having a great weekend. Tomorrow i'll review my weekly goals.
Do you see the little fella in the last picture?


  1. Happy chipmunks hiding !!!! And I love your breakfast- makes me want to make the same here soon

  2. Brekkie looks delish and very pretty. Love those cute little critters in your pics.

    Have a great Saturday!

  3. I love breakfast sandwiches, I eat them almost every day. I just change up my toppings and choice of bread. I just pulled out some bagel thins out of the freezer so that will be this weeks bread. Then I usually do egg beaters and ham, yum!

  4. Your breakfast looks so good to me right now! You are so blessed to have such a lovely area to walk in so close to you! Have a great weekend!

  5. That sandwich looks so delish! Your making me hungry. :-)

  6. I like the rain - and I dont mind walking in it - as long as it is NOT ON MY FACE! Hate rain on my face! :) always bring a hat I do.

    love you squireel shots. they are just too cute.

    getting up and going to work out too. Time to get off the butt and get to the gym.

  7. Love the rain!
    Umbrella, anyone?
    "Yummy" is echoing through cyberspace today!

  8. I love Chipmunks! They're so cuuuuute.

    It's super hot and humid here but we had the storms last night. Luckily Plan B was in place and I didn't have to ride home in it after work.

    Breakfast looks really good.

    Have a great weekend, Suzanne!

  9. Hi Suzi. Amazing breakfast! I can't eat stuff like that because I couldn't leave it at one. Too tasty!

    Bearfriend xx

  10. You sure are dedicated to your walks to even go when it's raining! Way to go!

  11. ooh i like the new layout! Good for you on getting that walk in and the breakfast, YUM is all I have to say too!!! :)