Monday, June 21, 2010

A brand new Monday!!

I know, i know. Everyone hates Monday's because it's back to work. However, for me it's part of my weekend. It's also a chance for everyone to look back on last week and see if they need to change/tweek anything. It's a brand new week :) A new start, a week to accomplish many things.

Can you tell i'm Miss Positivity today??? lol

O.k enough of that sappiness. Not too much going on today. Some cleaning, some vegging, some exercise and Jen maybe dropping by later to sort more of her stuff. Yes we're still working on that and i think if she comes once a week we'll be doing it for quite a while yet :) Oh and the highlight?? Ralph's barbecuing steak.

Of course i went for a walk as well. And some kind soul left a packet of peanuts on a bench if i wanted them :)
I really should have taken a photo after my long walk because my face was the reddest ever!!

How is your day going??


  1. Loving your positive attitude on a Monday! Great way to start the week. Awesome pictures again! :)

  2. Love the positivity and the pretty photos. :)

  3. I miss nature walks! Your pictures are making me long for cooler weather so I can go on the trails and enjoy nature. I'm surprised a squirrel didn't sniff out those peanuts and head off with them :)

  4. Just found the blog and you have inspired me to go outside more :)

  5. My day was great! Your walk looks awesome!

  6. I love your positive attitude - always! Makes me feel good, too.

    And I always look forward to your walks :)

  7. You always post the most amazing photos. I love walking and I wish that I could walk in such a beautiful place.