Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I caught it!!

The cleaning bug that is :) Sorry a little humor there!

The funny thing is that i very rarely get the cleaning bug but today I really cleaned up the kitchen including the floor, i cleaned the living room as well as the front hall closet AND i cleaned the bathroom floor!! Ralph couldn't quite figure out what was wrong with me :)

I managed to go for a walk before i picked up groceries. Tomorrow is Canada Day and all the stores will be closed. Besides where i work that is, and yes i'm working. The good new is that i work Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and then i'm on vacation time!!


  1. I hope that you and all the Canadians who read this are having a wonderful Happy Birthday Canada Day!

  2. Love your trail pics!

    Is that bug contagious? Send him to me!

  3. I´m always amazed how different your trail path looks. You must have every season in pictures by now.
    Send that cleaning bug my way!