Thursday, June 24, 2010

Routine is not always boring!!

I really need to get back into a routine!! I find having a regular routine is so much easier for me than doing things when i can.

For instance if i wake up at the same time everyday it becomes such a habit that i wake up automatically and i have energy to get going. When i start to sleep in all i want to do every morning is go back to sleep :(

As far as eating goes, i do a lot better with having a regular breakfast, lunch and dinner and maybe a snack than if i eat small things all day.

It's the same with my house routine. If i get up and do my daily's then i find i have the rest of the day to do as i wish and i'm perfectly happy. However, if i don't get them done straight away i find i put them off until they don't get done :(

Exercise is the same. If i know i'm going to exercise from 10-11 am then i just do it. If i'm thinking i will go out on a walk sometime today, it's more than likely it just won't happen.

Not that spontaneity is bad, sometimes it's great. For me though having a routine works best. Now i've just got to get back into it.

I'm going grocery shopping in the morning so i know i can back into routine as far as eating goes. Now i just need to work on the rest of my routines.

I have 6 shifts at work left and then i'm on holiday and believe you me i need them this year :) And maybe it will give me time to get my routines back into my day!!

Are you a routine kind of person or do you take things as they happen??


  1. I need a routine and something to always be working on or I totally become a lazy butt! Today I felt sick and everything got pushed aside while I vegged and felt miserable. But when I've got stuffed planned - I get so much more done and do more exercising... especially if I have someone to do it with!


  2. That is so ME!!

    I need routine to keep me motivated.

    So now I know what is missing:)

    Thanks Suzi xxx

  3. I thrive on routine, and feel completely disjointed if I veer off course! On the flip side, when my routine is interrupted unexpectedly, I find myself feeling lost, and usually more than a little bit grumpy! :(

  4. Im routine :)
    I used to lament this---until I realized that its simply the way I am.

    not by design so much---but by lifehappenstance.

  5. For some reason I have always been a routine girl. After I became a mom it got to be absolute routine girl with tons of lists !

  6. I need a routine, I'm much more successful with routine! I'm like you, if I leave it to chance or never gets done!

  7. I also need a routine! That's one of the reasons that I really can't wait to start working again. :)