Sunday, June 20, 2010

Todays walk!

I'm sure you guys must get bored with my walking pictures!! Today i went for an 80 minute walk.

What did i see??? Hills, hills and then more hills!!!

And some beautiful things:
Oh and the first wild raspberries :)


  1. Do you ever walk in the same place twice -- I am pretty sure I would go walking if I lived near you lol.

  2. Nope! Your walking photos are never boring. Thanks for sharing the beautiful views with all of us.

    Margie M. writes at:

  3. Awesome photos! I wish I had such a gorgeous place to walk, it might be more of an incentive!

  4. Did you pick and eat the wild raspberries? They look good! I would've brought some home and put it in my oatmeal. Or made some sauce with it. Yum!

    Glad you had an awesome, beautiful walk.

    Oh yeah, stumbled onto your blog from A Merry Life :) I'm Jess!

  5. Welcome to my blog :) Nope, those were the only ones i found that were ripe but the rest should be ready soon!!

  6. Hey lovely lady - I don't ever get tired of your walking pictures! =)

  7. Those are such lovely photos, that is one thing I haven't done - taken my camera with me when I go walking. I will try and remember next time, although my walking track looks very boring compared to your beautiful one.

  8. soo bored (wink)
    I think you need to get a giveaway of AIRLINE TICKETS so we can come and DO IT WITH YOU.
    Until then we shall bask in yer photographic loveliness :)