Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weekly goal update

It has not been one of my finest weeks!

Last weeks goals:
1. I'm going out to an  annual dinner,  and i'll try not to get stressed and just pick the healthiest choices without worry. Actually i think i handled it easily :)
2. Continue my walking and see how many days i do it this week.Mmmmm only got a couple of walks in
3. Sit down and take time to plan my menu's, i love when i know what i have to take out of the freezer etc.This is probably what helped my week go downhill. I failed to plan therefore i planned to fail :(
4. Do my eyebrows Ha this i actually did :)

This weeks goals:
1. Plan, plan, plan. Exercise, meals etc
2. Get on on more walks=see above :)
3. Drink my water
4. Paint my toenails!

How did you do on last weeks goals?? And what are your goals for this week??


  1. "Plan, plan, plan" for me turns into
    "Plan, adjust, plan."

    The toenails - red? pink? clear?

  2. Well, you did meet the most important goal!!!! (your eyebrows)

    I LOVE to plan my menu for a couple of weeks at a time. It makes shopping easier.

  3. I've done pretty well with my goals this week. I managed to control my relationship with cheese so I'm very proud of that one lol. It's just so good!

    I'm not sure what my goals will be for this week though, have to think about that one a little more :)

  4. My bet is .. that you will paint your toenails, just be sure to drink plenty of water while doing it and paint them after a nice walk which you should take after you plan your exercise and meals for the week!

  5. I need to set myself goals! I did poorly in the planning department last week too! Today I'm taking out time to do that!

    Goals for this week? WATER~ I'm truly horrible for this :-(
    Go for 3 walks,& plan my meals!

    Hope you had a nice weekend!

  6. I'm working on the meal planning too! If I know what I'm having for dinner than my lunch for the next day is planned! :)

    Hope that you have a great week!

  7. How fun to have paint your toenails as a goal! :)

  8. You did better than me Suzi, I love that you got your eyebrows done;)

  9. Planning and doing weekend prep for the coming week is so important to my success. It also helps me have mornings that are less chaotic. My next thing is I'm going to start cooking steelcut oats for the week on Sundays, so I'll have half of breakfast ready to go with just a fast nuking!

    I need eyebrows done! Good goal.

    Thanks for your kind comments and support on my blog really helps.