Friday, June 25, 2010

What exciting thing am i doing today????

Grocery shopping!! Oh and work :)

That's o.k i've only got 5 more shifts after today until my holiday time! And believe you me it can't come quick enough.. And the funny thing is that i'm not going anywhere. I'm taking time to de-clutter/clean the apartment/house and doing things like spending an afternoon in Chapter's, going out for a nice meal(or a few) with the hubs. Maybe meeting Jen for sushi. All the things i love to do!

Now that's my idea of enjoying my time off. O.k maybe not the cleaning/de-cluttering part, but the rest sounds like fun.

Enough of that, now i'm off to do the grocery shopping, if only i could find my list :)

Are you taking time off soon?? What are your plans??


  1. I'm taking next Thursday & Friday off. The Monday after that is our Independence Day, so I'll have a nice long weekend. I'm not really doing anything, just taking some time off for myself. As always, I love your pictures!

  2. Hey- cleaning and decluttering can be very exciting. Think of it as a treasure hunt, because often that is what it winds up being .I am going to be heading to Tennessee in a couple of days to go play in the mountains and just enjoy. First time in almost 20 I still remeber how to pack ?