Thursday, July 29, 2010

Climb every mountain....

O.k not really but i did climb my hill a few times :)

July 18 -3 x 4.25
July 20 -5 x 7.51
July 23 -6x 9.189(last week i put 8 by mistake, i blame the sweat in my eyes)
July 29-8x 11.45

Not much else exciting today. Just going to work!

Oh and this morning i went to make my pumpkin pie french toast only to find that instead of buying normal egg substitute i bought tex mex egg substitute!! Oh well i did the chia seed/water trick instead of egg. Wasn't great but it tasted pretty good :) Won't be doing that again for a while.

I must be working out hard because after my weight routine i'm sweating as much as my speed walk out in the humidity :) Never been so proud of my sweat!

And a couple of big congratulations!!

To Sheryl at Bitchcakes who made her goal weight and has the greatest smile and style :)

To Mary and Kepa on their recent engangement!! Congratulations guys


  1. pumpkin pie french toast sounds great! I'm goig to search for a recipe!

  2. I actually like the Tex Mex egg substitute...but certainly not for French Toast. Oops!! Even if it isn't really a mountain, it's still a wonderful hike. Bravo.

  3. Actually, you could be adventurous and use the tex mex egg substitute with the pumpkin pie french toast if you change the seasonings and outcome a little. Skip the syrup, use cinnamon and cocoa powder for spices and treat as a savory kind of dish instead of sweet. Pumpkin goes incredibly well with tex mex. Cocoa works very well with almost any kind of peppers. Topping ? a dollop of nonfat yogurt perhaps ?

  4. So I'm not the only one that's proud of my sweaty shirts after a good workout???? I thought I was just weird...ok, I'm still weird, but it's nice to know that the pride is a normal thing!

  5. I am also proud of my sweaty shirts, makes me feel like I have worked out. Have a great day..

  6. I had trouble focusing on this post after the words, "pumpkin pie french toast", sounds so good.

    Keep sweat'n!

  7. You are so creative with your food choices - I never would've thought of pumpkin pie french toast! Sounds yummy!

  8. Pumpkin french toast? Oh dear, that sounds awfully good....