Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A few things that make me smile :)

Just thought i'd make a list of things that i'm lovin' at the moment :)

1. Presidents choice chipotle hot sauce, i put it on everything!

2. Fresh pineapple

3. Peaches

4. Mexican seasoning from Spices Ink non of their spices have salt :)

5. Yellow tail wine

6. Going for walks

7. Doing weights

8. Squirrel bread which is oh so very filling :)
What are some of your favorite things??


  1. What in the world is squirrel bread? Is it nutty?

    My favorite things currently are . .

    My Wii Fit Plus
    Playing with my daughter
    Swimming in the pond

  2. my family.

    trite? perhaps.
    but true.

  3. Squirrely bread sound interesting!

    I just want to commend you for working in a coffee shop AND being able to avoid all those goodies. I thought running the breakroom gauntlet was tough. You are my hero!

    Outside of spending time with loved ones, riding my bike through the park is my current favorite thing.

  4. --Bodycombat class at gym (for reals),
    -- Breyers Triple chocolate chip ice cream bar--130 calories and it tastes so good that there are No feelings of deprivation,
    --coasting my bike Flo down a hill after I just wore out my legs pedaling up the hill.

  5. -My family
    -Reading a book without interruptions

  6. I am totally with you on the pineapple and peaches. I'd add the fresh tomatoes we are getting right now, as well.

    Squirrel Bread??? Have not heard of that. A Canadian specialty bread?

  7. A good book on a nice rainy day!

    And yes...please share what squirrel bread is!!!

  8. Okay what is squirrel bread?

    I like my wii fit.
    Swimming on a hot sunny day.
    bubble bath.

  9. Reading blogs is one of my fave things!