Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'm stronger than i think :)

Today i once again picked up the weights!! That is definitely epic for me :) Snuffy watched

Not only did i pick them up some of the exercises i increased the weight and some i just increased the rep's. I've definitely exceeded my goals for this week. So what kind of exercises have i been doing??? (will change over time, and yes i need to put some lower body and ab work in too) The black is last week the red this week.

concentration curls-5lb 3x10 5 lb 3x12
lateral raises-5lb 3x10 5 lb 3x12
two arm tricep extension-10lb 3x10 10 lb 3x10
bench press-5lb 3x12 10lb 3x10
tricep kickback-5lb 3x10 5 lb 3x12
lying flye-5lb 3x10 5 lb 3x12
shoulder press-5lb 3x10 5 lb 3x12
kneeling one arm row-5lb 3x10 5 lb 3x12
straight arm pullover-10lb 3x10 10 lb 3x10
hammer curls-5lb 3x10 10 lb 3x10
shoulder shrugs 5lbs 3x10 10 lb 3x10
plie squats 10lbs 3x10 10 lb 3x10
Lawn mower starter-5 lb 3x10

I also went on a speed walk previous times: Not before i had a pumpkin muffin and a liquid pumpkin pie :)
39.31 Today's time, that pumpkin must work. New PR!!

Here's the nasty pic of me getting my sweat on!!


  1. That is quite an exercise routine you have there for your weights; Lawn Mower starters, I really like those!

    Good progress on them too, and the PR - awesome job! Um, liquid pumpkin pie, you have a recipe for that??

  2. Yay for pumpkin!!
    Good for you girl!! Way to go. I love how you just get up and do it!


  3. Great picture! I love all things pumpkin and am intrigued by liquid pumpkin? Is there a recipe? Sounds like a must have!

    Good work with the weights.

  4. Looking great Suzi and way to go on all that iron pumping.

  5. My goodness!
    You are all over it!

  6. We never give ourselves enough credit, do we? Love the sweaty pic. =)

  7. Hooray for getting your sweat on! I finally found canned pumpkin! I haven't seen it on my store shelves, and some of my readers told me there was a pumpkin shortage.

    I found it at our local drug store of all places!!

    Happy Thursday!

  8. Great job!!!!!!! Love the picture of the kitty cat...Snuffy looks like he/she didn't quite know what to think of the action!

  9. AWESOME! You really work hard!

    I must know more about this liquid pumpkin pie!