Monday, July 26, 2010


Well I started my day with a nice big bowl of steel cut oats and blueberries, some chia seeds thrown in too! Who knew it takes 3 times longer to reheat frozen steel cut oats when you don't have a microwave?? lol

I met up with my walking group and did another 20 indoor laps/5K.

Last weeks 5K time: 56.56
This weeks 5K time: 48.23 now i was doing the counting thing with the coins in my pocket and i may have missed one lap :) I'm not sure but even if i did that would only be 2 minutes more! So i'm pretty happy and i'm taking this as a new PR.

A great NSV today was while i was standing on the bus and had to hold tight, so as not to fall, i could feel muscles i never knew i had.

Oh and did i happen to mention that Saturday although that time of the month visited me on my weigh in day i also was down -5.8 lbs for the week? I'm a happy camper.

What's helping?? Only weighing once a week definitely takes my focus off of the scale and more into enjoying my exercise and food :)

The last sweaty red in the face picture of me is after my 5K today.

Tonight it's steak, low fat fries and a glass of wine :) And definitely some chillaxing! Here's some photo's from today:


  1. 5.8 lbs in one week is spectacular- you rock!! Way to go on that 5k!

  2. What a fantastic loss! Keep it up, SuperWoman!

  3. what a great loss! Congrats and a huge improvement in a week on your time, that's fantastic!
    Love all your photos.

  4. WHOO HOO Great job Girl!!!!

    Love the photos, as usual.

  5. Wow, You must be so proud because you are putting in good work and reaping the benefits. I checked your daily nosh for last week and was thinking you must be losing, but you never post much about weight. Happy for you , cuz you seem to be really happy and you share that vibe with blogland.

  6. 5.8 for a week???? Way to go. I need one of those!!! I'm so happy for you.