Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weekly goal update...

This is what i accomplished this week:

Lifting weights: 2 times
Speed walking: 2 times
Doing hills:3 times
5K: once
This doesn't includes a few 1 hour walks for fun!

I loved what i ate this week and was very satisfied from it :) And yes i journaled it everyday on my other blog:

Last weeks goals:
1. Exercise a minimum of 4 days this week, 2 walks for speed and 2 weight workouts-Accomplished this and then some
2. Make sure i'm drinking my water since i'm working out more!-I've had at least 9 cups of water everyday
3. Plan my eating in advance (it works for me)-Did it for the week and it worked well for me
4. Meet with my walking group tomorrow. My plan is to do 20 indoor laps for 5k.-Accomplished 20 laps or 5K.

This weeks goals:
1. Exercise a minimum of 4 days, 2 speed walks and 2 weight workouts and get some hill walking in.
    I know this is the same as last week but i really want to keep this one up!
2. Plan another weeks menus
3. Try to beat last weeks 5K
4. Learn to stretch properly (anyone have any favorites??)
5. Not to eat any junk at work


  1. Oh SS
    I really do want to set a goal.
    But I pretend I don't know how.
    Just so that when I fail,
    I can say I didn't know better.

    I want to get this little spark that you have.
    This sparkly spark that makes you "spunky!"
    You sound very happy.

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  3. Great job on meeting your goals!!

  4. Your weekly goal list and update is inspiring to me..I think I need to start it up too.

  5. I'm no expert but I did 2 yoga classes this week, so I think that's a good way to do stretching. I think I remember you do Yoga at times. The Downward dog and the warrior stance seem to be good full body stretches...the cobra where you lie on your tummy and then lift your upper body with your hands on the floor is good for the whole core abs and back. Good luck.

  6. Sometimes my goal is just to get out of bed every morning at 5:30 to face a day of babysitting. I can't wait for September to get here!

    Awesome job on your goals, though!!

    Margie M. writes at:

  7. Very inpsirational! I work out several days a week, but whenever I see others list their workouts, I get an itch to go to the gym right away!

  8. I started my stretching life with BOB ANDERSONS BOOK called STRETCHING (this was way preinternet :) Im sure there are myriad videos on you tube now)

    and recently Ive discovered the amazing benefits of FOAM ROLLERS.

    Id mocked them for ages.
    the joke was on me entirely :)

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  10. Ok, let me try this again. blogger and I seem to be misfiring...

    What a great update comment you left on the challenge post! You are doing soooo well. :D

    Sounds like freedom to me!


  11. You nailed those goals! Way to go!

    Good luck on this upcoming weeks goals!

  12. When you speed walk, how far do you go? And, what is your 5k time? Keep up the good work! Good luck on next week goals!

    Check me out!