Monday, August 30, 2010

And today...a nice walk!

Yes after sleeping in a bit, i got up and made a nice brekkie! Honestly a good brekkie sets me up for a great day :)

I just realized that my thinking is really changing. I was reading a blog post yesterday about some baked kettle chips that worked out to 2 pts a serving for approximately 20 chips. Wow i thought thats a pretty good serving size and 2 points i can fit that into my daily points. Well i would probably have to take something off of my daily plan but i could fit it in. And i left my thoughts at that.
Later on i was going to put those chips on my grocery list and i suddenly thought to myself "you know what that might be pretty good for 2 points but they're carbs which i know spikes my cravings like mad and if they did that what do you want to bet i'd end up eating the whole bag". If i were to bet that i would i think i'd win the bet. So the thought of putting on my grocery list was tossed out the window. Hey maybe i'm finally getting it :)

The other change i've found is that when i have my meal made and i'm starting to eat it i eat the veggies and the protein first. Now that is huge for me. Breakfast for instance i ate the eggs and laughing cow and the turkey bacon and didn't even think about touching the toast until later. And the toast being on sprouted bread really doesn't give me those carb cravings :)

Last night while eating my caesar salad and steak i just dove into that salad and loved every bite. I did eat the steak but just a bit at a time because i really wanted that salad. And i actually left my glass of wine until after dinner so i could sip it while watching a movie.

Enough rambling i'm off for my walk!


  1. Funny - my hand once reached for items to purchase....
    Then it pulled back!
    And I thought better of it!
    OMG - I don't want that ______ anymore!
    Some changes are good, eh?

  2. Those leaves looked like they had a spot carved in the pavement for them :)

    Way to go on the good thinking about the chips. I too find myself craving more carbs when I have some carbs.

    Way to go on the beautiful walk.

  3. Isn't it odd how the thinking changes after awhile? I find I love salad.

    Oh, it looks so nice and sunny and warm where you are. Dreary, rainy & cold here. :-(

  4. Good thinking on those chips!

    It's naturopathic dr says to always make sure your first bite of food each meal is the protein. I read this month in Shape(I think it was shape!) that you should consume all your carbs first, then protein then veggies...LOL~ who is right?! That stuff confuses me!!!

  5. Nice looking walk...and breakfast. Way to go on thinking about those chips. We hardly ever eat 20 - lol.

  6. Don't you just love NSV? And I think you need to put more photos of yourself in your blog. You're lovely!

  7. Huge NSV's for you! I have learned that when I eat enough for breakfast I'm set up good for the day. I used to do this thing where I'd try to skimp during the day so I'd have more points left at the end of the day! That does NOT work! Finally realizing that breakfast IS the most important meal of the day!

    Love the pics! Especially the one of you!!!!


  8. Great job on changing your mind about the chips!

  9. Love you new bike from a few posts ago. Love the pictures, too, in all your posts. Finally, love the changes that you are making in your eating priorities. You go!