Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rain will not stop me :)

Back to work tomorrow, so i figured i'd better get off of my butt today and doing something.

Just as i was about to go on my walk in the woods it started to rain, luckily 5 minutes later it stopped and off i went. Half way around my 1 hour trek it rained again and i thought i could just take a short cut and that would be o.k. But then i thought no!! I'm out here now just do it. And i did :) And not just did i also decided to climb the hill that i walk past about 5 minutes from the end of my walk. I am now pooped.

All in all a great day today. I really enjoyed the food i ate, i drank my water and i drank green tea. Tomorrow it's back to slinging donuts and coffee.


  1. Gorgeous pictures. So serene. I love the water on the leaves. Good for you for treating yourself right on your last day before getting back to the grind. Hugs!

  2. Sling me a donut and coffee, please!
    Just one won't hurt, right?
    Just kidding, eh!?

  3. My favorite donut is Boston Creme. Sling me one when get a chance, k? :)

  4. I actually had to look at the calendar to see what day it is! Wednesday just isn't Wednesday without question day. Ahh..... maybe next week?

  5. Rain rain go away doesn't work huh? Victory over Mother Nature for you then!

  6. It would have been very easy to quit when it started raining- that shows some dedication!

  7. THis time of year, you can just SMELL fall coming. I love it.

  8. Beautiful flower pics! You are motivating me to get off my booty and take a walk too!

  9. and it's friday!
    and Im glad.
    here's to a great weekend for us filled with drydry weather and walks.