Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Waiting, waiting...

Yesterday while i was on my walk i missed a delivery. They're supposed to be delivering it again today. So i'm waiting :)

Update i ended up waiting most of the day and the delivery that came wasn't what i thought it was!

So i got to sit with my netbook and watch Snuffy catch flies, the hubby snoring and i had a great time.

I have found lately that i love big caesar salads. I chop 4-5 cups of romaine lettuce, add light parmesan cheese, add a few (measured) bacon crumbles, add 1-2 tbsp of light caesar salad dressing, a good squirt of lemon juice and shake in a big container with a lid. Made one for the hubby tonight and he loved it. And no i didn't need any croutons.
To go with the caeser salad tonight i made manwiches with skinless boneless chicken breast instead of ground beef. It was definitely a hit with the hubby.


  1. Oh good, another cat that thinks it's in charge of pest control. My cat is the same :)

  2. I love caesar salad! Yummy!

    I hope the delivery was better than what you expected!

  3. Caeser salad looks good enough to eat ;)

  4. I love Caesar salads too!! This sounds great!