Sunday, August 15, 2010

Weekly weigh in and goal update

This has been a much better week, i've made good choices and i'm listening to my body more! I'm truly feeling on top of the world :)

As far as my weigh in goes this week i've lost my gain from last week and believe you me when i say gain i mean big (9lbs and probably mostly water) and dropped another -.4 for a total of -9.4 for the week!!

Here's the goals i made for last week:

1. Track everything-I did even little bits of something went into my journal
2. Aim for working out 3 days this week-This is the one thing that i didn't accomplish but i'm o.k with that.
3. Stay completely away from foods that i know are triggers-I have done well with this and i've been listening to how my body feels after certain foods. It's been very interesting.
4. Do what i know is best for me-This made me smile because honestly this has been one of the best weeks for knowing what to do.
5. Just do the best i can :)-I did and i must say that i'm very happy!

Here's this weeks goals:

1. Continue to track everything
2. Keep listening to my body because it knows what will work best for me
3. Up my exercise this week
4. Take the time to enjoy every positive step that i make
5. Work on striving to feel at peace with myself

What are your goals for this week and how did you do last week??


  1. Congratulations ! A good week for you, and may the trend continue !

    For me, I discovered that I do not have an allergy to fish, and i intend on adding a ton of that to my meal plan . It is also back to school week, so I am going to try to keep up with exercise

  2. The heat here is kicking my butt - literally!
    I am losing water weight as well!
    How much in a bucket?
    Glad you liked the protein powder post.

  3. you are doing great...i am so glad you lost the 9 pounds.that is so depressing when you know your doing your best...have a great sunday..kelli

  4. Good work getting that scale to go in the right direction! Keep working on it!

  5. Great goals, especially #4... great progress!

  6. Wow, regardless of the circumstances, it is a great loss for you. Good for you to be listening to your body and giving it the fuel that it needs. Have a great week.