Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Could today be any better??

Today Ralph and i are off to Waterloo! Going to visit my favorite health food store, my favorite park and my favorite coffee shop, and my daughter!! Can my day be any better?? Well besides sharing it with my favorite guy!

Before i went though i had to fuel up for energy: whole wheat tortilla, homemade nutella, sf strawberry jam, banana, raspberries, 1c reduced sugar orange juice and1/2 scoop whey protein isolate.

Totally off topic but yesterday i found a new product: Liberte quork! It's fresh cheese which tastes like greek yogurt. The nutritional info on it is awesome. And it has no salt.

100g of quork
60 calories
.3g fat
11 grams of protein!

First i visited my favorite health food store to pick up some more awesome bread, and some cocao nibs.

Then i bought myself a new french press since i broke my last one. And off course that meant i had to pick up some fresh coffee :)

Stopped at Starbucks to pick up some peeled fruit which has had good reviews.

And finally some quiet time at the park.

Since it was such a beautiful warm day we decided to have a cold brewskie in a British pub before we went home. Oh and did i say we had rainbow trout ready to go on the bbq for dinner??

And i want to say thank you very much to Loretta for such a nice post about me! Made my day. Thank you


  1. Hey Suzi, do you have a recipe you follow for your home made Nutella? We have it over here, but it's full of hydrogenated vegetable oil, so I just won't eat it any more. I do love the taste though :)