Sunday, September 19, 2010

Didn't do too bad!

Well i had lots of opportunity tonight to go way off plan.

The first thing we see when we arrived were bowls and bowls of chips, tortilla chips, a cheese/ham spread, cheetohs, wine, beer, rum, vodka, gin etc.........

Then came the Chinese food. Wowsa's

And last but not least was the strawberry shortcake!! Made in an Italian bakery.

So i turned down all the chips, nuts and bolts etc. I had one glass of wine, i had approximately 1/3c rice, lots of broccoli and carrots, some delicious veggies with almonds and two very small pieces of lemon chicken.
And yes i had a very thin sliver of cake. I ate lightly during day and have absolutely no guilt tonight. I feel satisfied and definitely no where near stuffed.

Took a couple of photo's since my hair is longer than it used to be :)


  1. What a great achievement in going to a social gathering and making sensible food choices. That is usually so difficult for all of us to do. You can be so proud of yourself.

    I like your new hair-do!

  2. love the hair!! So funny I also take pictures in the bathroom mirror, I erase them I don't have a pretty bathroom

  3. ooooh LOVE the longer hair and the glasses together.


  4. Great job on your eating! You look so pretty! :)

  5. I have a really hard time turning down rice. Yummy on the veggies!

  6. Nicely done - passing the test of "social eating" is a tough one. It's good that the party host laid on at least some healthy stuff for you too...i have been to parties where there was only the naughty stuff on offer and had to decline it which of course meant that 2 glasses of wine has me slurring my speech as i've nothing in my stomach to absorb the alcohol. :o)

  7. The red hair color looks super cute on you!

  8. You look fab!

    Cheetos? I would be toast. You did fantastic.

  9. Forget not doing too bad! You did great!!! :)

  10. You look so good, SS!
    Just wonderful!