Sunday, September 26, 2010

Weekly goal update

Last weeks goals:
1. Get out on bike rides at least 3 times this week-I could blame getting sick but i could have squeezed more in! I did managed to get one good ride in this week.
2. Add a little speed to my walks-Did my walks but didn't work on speed
3. Go to my favorite park this week-I did and i absolutely loved walking there and taking some good pictures :)
4. Stop at my favorite health food store and pick up some more bread-I did and i managed to pick up some cocoa nibs as well!
5. Try one new food-this weeks new food was Quork or fresh cheese, which has the same consistency as greek yogurt!

This weeks goals:
1. Get some more bike rides in before it gets really cold!
2. Work on my speed walking this week
3. Do some push ups 3x this week
4. Try another new to me food this week
5. Enjoy my dinner out with the hubs for both of our birthdays which are this week :) And don't stress about getting older!


  1. Hi Suzi

    Did you like Quork? I'd never tried it until last's available in a variety of flavours here in Russia. I tried the lemon flavour - it was really good! Rich and creamy and tangy...I know I ate more than the recommended portion, that's for sure.

    Where did you say you bought lemon curd in the grocery stores? I looked for it this past summer in FL, but probably didn't look in the right place.

    Guess I'm on a lemon kick!

    Happy early birthday to you and Mr. Spunky!!! (Snuffy's birthday week too?) Remember, you're not getting older, you're getting BETTER!!!!

  2. lol, i have to say the quork doesn't sound too appealing from your description there. ;0)

    I love cheese and would dearly love to find a great healthier substitute for it - i tend to mostly avoid it altogether while i'm trying to lose weight and just have the odd bit of cheddar or a low-fat cream cheese (when i do a stuffed pepper) every now and then.

    I don't know if this is a food you've tried before, but if not i would highly recommend butternut squash. It makes the nicest soup (here's the recipe if you're interested - i leave the butter out and it makes no difference to the taste).

  3. Will have to check out quork...doesn't sound yummy but I do like greek yogurt! Nice pic - our leaves are just starting to look fallish now so I need to get out w/ my camera!
    Gotta check that squash soup recipe...mmmmm

  4. I have never even heard of Quork! But I do not eat yogurt either. My hubby loves it though. I like your goals and the way you tell if you did them or not. I am glad you are feeling better also. :)

  5. I've got a birthday coming up next week too. Happy birthday . Libra? Have trouble making decisions ? Want things to be fair? That's me anyway

  6. Hope you and your hubby have a wonderful birthday week!!!

  7. Thanks!
    Actually Quork was pretty good. It was 60 cal for 100g has no salt and .3g of fat and a whopping 11g of protein. You can either make it sweet or savory by adding sweetener and flavor extracts or by adding herbs and garlic ;)
    That soup sounds good!!

  8. Looks like a pretty successful week to me! Wishing you and the Mr. a most wonderful birthday-celebratin' week ahead!

  9. I enjoy quark..(you say tomato we say tomato, you say quork we say quark), both savoury and sweet.

    Loving you photo's as always.

    Happy birthday to both you and Ralph hope you have a great week.



  10. Have a wonderful week and thanks for your recent comment! I will have to try Quork cheese too, im always on the look out for new healthier food choices! =)

  11. Never heard of quork! Off to google it :)

  12. You are always an inspiration with your goals! Love those posts.

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