Friday, October 29, 2010


Couldn't think of a title today!

Thanks Kati for giving me an award. I know i'm the worst person to give them to because i don't follow the rules ;) I just can't pick out certain people to pass it along to. I would feel bad if i offended anyone.

Exercise for today was weights and squats and pushups and a plank!! Just some of each, not going too crazy.

I'm hoping to soon figure out a schedule for exercising! Anyone with any suggestions?? I'm going to try and get some biking in this week before the mmm.... (white stuff) gets here.

I'll have to take a picture of me in my Halloween get up. Oh and i also need to take a picture of the new hair colour. However right now i'm looking like Phyllis Diller so no pic!!

One things i'm finding this week is that the more comfortable i become in my journey the less i judge others! Don't know what that's all about. At work when people are buying donuts left and right i just smile and know they are not for me!

I also really "get" that my journey depends upon my choices! Good or bad they are the choices that i have made.


  1. Hi Suzi,
    I'm in Southern Ontario - I'll tell you specifically but don't want to post it online (entirelyforhim at yahoo dot ca).
    I had to colour my hair this week -- I was looking like a skunk!! EEK!
    Where are you located?

  2. One healthy choice leads to another....

  3. Suzi,
    I cant help myself, Im laughing at the pic today. I feel like her in the mornings....Good one!

  4. You are turning into an exercise-aholic Suzi, and i like it. Sounds like you do too.

    For exercise ideas, i recommend Google...sure, you will come across conflicting reports and points of view, but there is just so much useful information out there in cyber-space. If you are "feeling" the running you are doing i would have to recommend the C25K plan (it has a special place in my heart) to gently take it to the next level at a manageable pace.

    I still find myself judging others a little when they pull out the chocolates, etc....this healthy eating malarkey still isn't second nature yet, i still have to work like crazy at it, but with small victories comes progress.

    Have an awesome weekend.

  5. Yeah, I don't judge either but I am facing some opposition to my choices here at home this weekend. Kathy went and bought like 40 hot dogs for the parties we are taking part in this weekend. For me, hot dogs are a trigger food and I am not going to tempt myself. So I was getting some fat free hot dogs and Kathy said oh getting special food for yourself huh? Not eating with everybody I guess? So I put them back and will just find other things to eat this weekend, but by damn if I will eat a damn hot dog!

  6. Can't wait to see a pic of your new hair color!

  7. I love the picture of Phyllis. I also look forward to seeing the picture...

  8. Blazing a trail for the rest of us to follow... blase onward & Have a Great Weekend!

  9. ditto on the donuts


    "No, Thank You"