Sunday, October 24, 2010

Weekly update...and goals!

This past week has been one of the best and one of the worst weeks i've had in a while. Food was bang on, exercise was great. I started to run :) How much better can it get than that?

I didn't eat after dinner, this was pretty easy as i really prefer 3 meals a day no snacks.

I drank at least 8 cups of water a day.

I've stuck with my colon cleansing from Dr. Natura with the colonix. It's going great and i'm going to do a post on that soon!

As you know i did have a lot of tragedy this week and i am dealing with it day by day, it's the best i can do.

I made Kale chips which are awesome!

I made Apple chips which are also awesome :)

I made pear butter I did make less, used less sugar and substituted some sugar with splenda, i also upped the ginger because i love the ginger/pear combination.

Hey maybe i'll make homemade fruit leather or maybe pumpkin spiced almond butter?

Mmmmm.... think maybe i should investigate a dehydrator?

This morning i went out on another run/walk. Loved it. I have a question for other beginners. Since i'm not running very far or fast (honestly i don't) should i still have a rest day in between?? I'm trying to figure how to do the walking/running, the weights, and still fit it some walks just for fun? Any help would be appreciated.

For those of you that follow my other blog in case your wondering why i take a meal replacement or protein shake for dinner it's just so much easier for me and less time consuming. I also find that since i work in a coffee/donut shop (yes and Tim's) when i have a shake it leaves me with no cravings for food at work. I have no problem with it. When i was taking a regular dinner i would crave something sweet after! When i'm not working i eat a nice healthy dinner at home:)


  1. on the rest, it is not a hard and fast thing. If you feel like a day of rest is in order, say achy muscles or incredible soreness, then rest. I am taking today off for example cause I am sooooo sore I can hardly move. So be honest with yourself and don't just use it as an excuse, but you are doing more strenuous exercise, so be honest with yourself and rest if you need it.

  2. Suzie,

    I would consider myself a new/intermediate runner. I have been running for maybe 6 months. I still run fairly slow. Here are the major things I have learned so far:

    Yes, you still need a rest day. It doesn't have to be every other day, but be sure you are taking one or two days off each week.

    Be sure that you are running heel to toe. If you don't it will seriously cause some strain/pain in your shins.

    As longs as you are getting enough water and stretching before and after your run, you probably will not ever have much cramping.

    Just a few tidbits. BTW, I LOVE running. Once you start you never want to stop. I haven't had a run in a few weeks now. Think I go for one today and try to get back on the wagon. :)

  3. Suzi,

    In terms of rest days, i would always recommend a day of not running on the day after a jog/walk. That isn't to say don't do any exercise on your non-run day, far from it, just don't do any running - keep to walking, weights, other cardio, swimming, etc. Personally, i alternate run-days with weights and light cardio days for 5 days per week and rest on the other 2, just going for walks, but at the end of the day, everyone has their own rhythm.

    In terms of the running technique i would have to disagree with Summer's post above, as heel-running just isn't good for your knees.Here's a lady who illustrates the main points to think about in under 2 minutes. Here's a really useful clip about avoiding heel-strike. Apologies if this seems like over-load but, as you know, i can attest from painful experience about how incorrect running form can hinder you, but if you are aware of these things at the start of your running journey, you mentally check your body position and improve. Hope the vidz are useful.

  4. Phil those were very interesting vid's thank you. I'll try that this week.

  5. Mmmmm, sounds yummy! I've gotta make more kale chips...good idea!

  6. Wow, you made and make so many wonderful yummy things!! I wish I did that. :) So awesome that you started running. I wish I did that. :) I think I need to stop wishing and do more, eh? :)

    I totally agree with you about the cravings and how it's easier with a meal replacement. That's what has helped me lose the weight I have. If I had to battle my cravings full force, I'm afraid I would lose!!

    Happy Sabbath!!


  7. My body usually lets me know just when I need a rest. I did a post on it a while back. My body asked for a rest, i gave it, and then went back to running and it was better!

    I will be interested about the colon cleanse review. I was thinking about asking my dr if I can do one. My stomach is not one of my happy parts...hehe.


  8. Mmmmm Timmies.... I have one right next to my new job, and everyday people ask me do I want anything from Tim Hortons??? And every day I say, "no thank you". They think I'm nuts!!!

    I'm sorry to hear about the loss in your family. You are very strong to not turn to food for comfort.

  9. Greetings, my blogger friend!
    Sounds like an excellent week in terms of your health. Would you share your protein shake recipe with me? Thanks, Michele

  10. Sounds like a pretty decent week! I just bought a dehydrator...haven't even used it yet, but I can't wait to!

  11. Despite the news of loss this week it seems like you have stayed true to yourself and had a healthy one. That says allot about your character. Keep on getting it done and staying strong!