Saturday, November 13, 2010


I know i've posted about choices before but i find lately that's what has been my focus.

Last night at work i found out they've got boxes of fudge back in! Really good fudge :) So i looked at the nutritional stats and they weren't that bad. Would cost me 3 pts per piece. Do-able, could fit that into one of my days. The problem for me is that i know if i have just one piece i'll end up eating the entire box, which will make me crave whatever sugar/carb thing i can find in the cupboards. So i made the choice to not have one single piece this year.

When i was on my way home last night my legs were feeling like limp noodles! I'd gone for a walk/run, gone for groceries all before i went to work and spent 8 hours on my feet. So last night i decided that today would be a day of rest for my legs because today i work the afternoon shift and then i have to turn around and start at 8 am on Sunday morning :( I'm going to be tired! I know i made a good choice.
update: hubs just got up and asked me if i wanted to go  on a walk :) So i'm going on a walk!

This morning i made some scrambled egg substitute and laughing cow cheese and on the side i had two out of oven fresh bran muffins. When i sat down i devoured the egg and after i'd finished i slowly ate the bran muffins. Now that shows that my choices lately have been awesome because i crave the protein and not the carbs. And the fact that i'm genuinely enjoying my food and not feeling deprived is awesome.

To help me stay focused i re-joined weight watchers online last week. So far so good. Tomorrow is weigh in day and i'll post how it goes.

What choices have you made this week??


  1. Good luck at weigh in!!! You've been making great choices from the sounds of things, so I'm SURE the scale will reflect that!! YAY YOU!!

  2. I doubled my water intake

    slosh slosh slosh

  3. That's a great choice Suzi!

    My SIL has been here all week and we've been digging into Halloween candy that was "suppose" to be eaten in moderation (2pts/piece). She leaves today...with ALL the leftover candy. That was the best choice I made this week. The rest of the food in my house is healthy again!! Yay :)

  4. I have to ask, do you just love the limp noodle legs? I do! I love it! Those are great choices! I don't know about the WW stuff. I just fake it on my own... haha.

    My choices have been to get more walking in so I am in shape for the Thanksgiving holiday challenge. I have also been trying to keep the veggies and fruits coming.

  5. The image of "limp noodle legs" tickled

    You are doing great stuff Suzi.

  6. Those there are some pretty awesome choices to have made - glad you're celebrating them :-)

    My choices this week have been to join up to the HBBC (Holiday Bootie Busters Challenge, and to get *really* clear about why I'm on the weight loss / fitness journey and what I really want to get out of it.

  7. Great choices!! I understand the one piece leading to a whole box completely! I've taken over a lot of the candy making since my grandmother passed.. haven't decided how to handle that this year yet.

    One choice I made this weekend was cheat night related. I allow myself one meal (all 35 points saved for) that isn't my norm, and I have my rest day. This week, I still watched my portions and left feeling satisfied but not full. And I STILL worked out some, because I wanted to.

    Great week, keep it up!

  8. When I eat carbs (like more than 50 - 75grams)
    I end up craving much much more! Great that you know when you've made a good choice!

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  10. Good post as always suzi...very wise choice you made staying completely away from the fudge as it is one of them nasty "trigger foods" you always read about on diet websites. I have to concur with feeling healthier as this journey food intake has also begun to be naturally healthier (rather than forced to be) and i am starting to automatically put less food on my plate, and am feeling less stuffed after meals as a result, despite the meal being full of veg and lean protein.

    What choices have i made this week? I decided to join Allan's DDDY challenge and am drinking 9-10 pints of water a day, and i can feel the fluid working it's magic, as i feel fan-bloody-tastic. lol

  11. Great job deciding to not even have a piece of fudge... that is me too. One wouldn't be enough and if I dug in, all my sugar cravings would pile on me like a ton of bricks. No thank you. :) Good for you girl!!


  12. I chose to get in all of my requirements even when I went way over my points today. I chose to have a light dinner instead. And I chose to read your blog today!

  13. Great self-awareness with the fudge! I did an annual conference with TONS of free junk food...and for the first time didn't eat ANY! (for the same reason you passed on fudge, basically)

  14. Oh, really good fudge is a hard one to pass up! GREAT job, Suzi !! I don't eat even a taste of cheese for that very reason ... I won't stop at one. Your choices have been fantastic, and of course, it IS all about choices we make, isn't it?

    I'm going to dream about fudge tonight. LOL

  15. Hey Suzi! Choices are so important and sometimes balancing those choices so that we feel good doing what's good for us is tricky! You're doing great! :)