Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Holiday season is starting!

At work every year they have an artist come and decorate the windows at work! She puts all the employees names on different things. This year i'm a teddy bear :)

Ken from Nursing Schools sent me an e-mail to tell me i made the top 60 weight watcher blog list! Sweet, you can see the list of bloggers here.

Hope your having a great weekend! Now i'm off to work :)


  1. I love the decorations and congrats on making the list. I think you do great on your blog and posts.

  2. Congrats on gettting listed in the top 60!

    Love the decorations!

  3. Yay for making the list!!
    Love the windows..especially the polar bears...she did a great job!

  4. Suzanne, that is such an accomplishment! Congrats!!

  5. very cool about the blogs? Did you know I am a nurse as well? Haven't worked in several years..but ya, that is my anyway, congrats to you!

    Very cute festive!

  6. I LOVE the window paintings!!! That's fantastic! (I made the list made my day!! Congrats to US! I'm flattered to be on the list with stellar blogs like yours!)

  7. love that you are a teddy bear!

    I inexplicably long to be a UNICORN.


  8. Congrats on making that top blogger list from Nursing. I have used that list in the past-it is great!! So, nice honor for you! Love the store windows. Looking at them makes me yearn for Christmas!

  9. If I had a list, you would be on mine.
    In fact, you ARE on mine!