Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Nothing new here....

Sorry for the lack of posting, nothing much to post about! I think one of my new years resolutions is going to be to post 365 days next year!!

This week has been all about cleaning the house and getting ready for volunteering.

Today i went to volunteer at a Christmas craft afternoon and had a blast. Managed to bring home a few  homemade Christmas ornaments :)

Now i'm getting ready for a Christmas bingo on Monday and i'll be there a few hours early to stuff envelopes to invite people for a games afternoon coming up.

Still walking, eating is so/so not bad but not particularly great, haven't planned my food which is not a good thing for me. Taking time off from blogging lately to plan my Christmas stuff.

I have a Christmas party coming up that i help to plan for over 250 people and that is definitely taking my time up. I've also volunteer, as i do every year, to make a huge amount of cranberry sauce. I also have a staff Christmas party coming up. Oh boy this time of year i have to admit is a little stressful! Good job i only have the hubs and my kids for family so that i don't have any additional stress from extended family.

Hope all is good for you!!


  1. Just how much is a huge amount of cranberry sauce?

  2. Cranberry sauce...yummy ! And there seem to be so many different ways to make it !

  3. I eat the same things every day.
    But it gets the job done.
    Wake me up when the cranberries arre done!

  4. Glad to hear you are getting your walks in... At least your not snow sking yet !

  5. I think all the volunteering you are doing is just wonderful. great job.


  6. You are a rock star Suzi. Honestly! So bright and awesome. I can't even imagine HOW great you make those volunteering with you feel.