Thursday, November 11, 2010

Take a minute...

To remember...


  1. My fave day is Veteran's Day!
    Glad to share it with you and Blogland!

  2. I have not visited your blog for a few days, so this comment will hit some of your last few posts. First, I love your tribute to the veterans. My dad passed away this year. He served in WW 2. We recently received a letter (a form type letter, but still good) from President Obama thanking my father fro his service on behalf of a grateful nation. Because of my dad, ten years ago my whole family went to Normandy to see for ourselves what the soldiers had done. I will never forget it. Ever. We are all indebted, and still are, to the service men and women.

    I love the fact that they are putting a skating rink in near the library. First you can get your books, then you can go skating. I have not seen any rinks going up yet in MN parks, but I am sure they will. I started learning to ice skate last years. Now that I am healthier I look forward to more.

    And your questions:

    What is your favorite piece of clothing??
    I think this would be (right now) a wonderful corduroy short I bought at LL Bean. Soft and warm.

    2. Do you wear slippers?? What do they look like :)
    I wear Merrells. They are not technically slippers, but they have this wonderful fleece type lining. Super toasty and comfortable.

    3. Are you planning to exercise today?? What are you going to do?
    On Wednesday, I did not exercise. But today, Thursday, I did hills.

    4. Do you buy workout clothes or are you like me and throw an old t-shirt and sweat pants on?
    Don’t buy work out clothes. Although I did buy some warmer under clothes to help me to stay outside.

    5. Right now what is the hardest part of getting healthy for you??
    Probably remembering to drink the water. I forget.