Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A walk between rain drops and a challenge??

I'm thinking about starting a weekly challenge. Different challenges each week. Could be getting fruit in daily, exercising x amount that week, drinking water etc, not eating after dinner etc..

If you have any suggestions for the challenge please let me know.

It could be just challenges for me if no one else wants to join or it could become a weekly challenge for those who wish to join me.

I'll make the challenges on Sunday and ask for the results by Saturday night so i can post them on Sunday. Does that make sense?? Everyone's welcome to join me.

Some will be more challenging than others but none so hard that you can't join in!

Let me know if you'd like to do this with me :)

Anyway today i decided i had to get out and get some exercise in. The problem?? We're supposed to get a lot of rain! update: managed to get out and do my walk without getting wet :)

Now i'm off to a big mall to check out prices for Christmas presents


  1. I would love to take place in a weekly challenge. Just let me know. Oh your weather does look awful.. Have a great day anyway..

  2. love it

    challenge idea's
    1. go buy something pretty this week
    2. go buy a new bra
    3. look in the mirror every morning and say something nice to yourself
    4. when someone compliments you, say THANK YOU!!!
    5. get your nails done
    6. get 8 hours of sleep!!

    I am full of idea's... or some people just think I am full of "it"


  3. I love those ideas and if you have more just send them to me :)
    Does this mean your going to join me?? Would love to have you along for the ride :)

  4. I might join in after the new year, Suzi, but I'm in several right now. In fact, my big challenge for THIS week is to massively clean this house. I just returned from dropping the last of our house guests at the airport, and I have a 20-person dinner party to throw on Saturday. (WHAT was I thinking? So soon on the heels of entertaining 9 guests for the last 13 days??)

    Wish me luck. LOL

    I'll have great fun following your progress though!

  5. I need a kick start so yes I would like to join you. But be kind please, I have been out of the groove for a good while now:)



  6. you know what, if it is not going to involve bras and pretty stuff, I am down with joining a weekly challenge like fruits or exercise stuff. Once you work it out what you are thinking, let me know and I will likely do that. It would be cool to have a little something to break the monotony sometimes.

  7. Ann i'll put you on the list but i know you won't join us till the new year :)

    Shane i promise i won't make you go buy a bra!!

  8. I think a challenge sounds interesting. What about planning ahead? I know in my case I have to pack a lunch for work so I try to make 100 calorie snack packs, too. These snack packs are life savers for me, but they take planning and effort to do. Planning is so important.

    Love the pictures (and from a few posts ago, the snow pictures).

  9. I might join in from time to time!

    We had the same kind of weather today. Dismal...

  10. Cammy i'd love to have you join in whenever you can :)

  11. That's a great idea. I'm in. :)

    A couple of ideas:
    *take so many steps
    *walk/run/crawl x amount of miles
    *post a sweaty workout picture
    *try a new exercise
    *try a new fruit/veggie
    *make a new recipe and share the results (pictures get bonus pts)
    *walk a new trail
    *smile at a stranger each day LOL
    *get some new piece of workout clothing and use it
    *no sugar for the week (that's a tough one)
    *drink only water for the week

    Love the pics of your walk

  12. Great ideas Kelly! Thanks for joining

  13. I love challenges, they really help motivate me on bad days. I'm already doing the Hot 100 the SSDDC of Allan's, and December GTD, so I'm game as long as I can fit them in!

  14. Ooh, I'll do a challenge with you!

    How about no overindulging on the weekends? That's huge for me.

    Workout 5-6 days a week for at least 40 minutes.

    Drink half your body weight in ounces every day.

    Experiment with a new fruit or veggie everyday for 1 week.

  15. Kelly i'm so glad your joining in! Great ideas :)

  16. I think these suggestions sound great!!! Especially the water one. Drinking enough water and getting enough sleep are key!


  17. I'll count you in on the challenge :)

  18. Me me me!
    Pick me!
    *hand up in the air*
    Can I play, too?
    I am challenged!

  19. lol, i like kelly's idea of posting a sweaty workout picture...i'm not sure that is something you want to see though!

    I'm currently part of 3 challenges at the minute and i am finding that i have less and less time to read up on my fave bloggers (like you suzi) as a result...which isn't on! So i will wait for the current ones to be over (all 3 end at or around the new year) before joining in.

    From my own experiences with challenges i can definitely recommend making water intake a big priority...the more i drink the more weight seems to come off.

  20. Phil i'd love to have you join ;) I'll put you on the list and you join in whenever you like!
    And yes i've started to make a list of challenges i want to do and the sweaty picture is one of them.

  21. :) Karla, i've already got you on my list!

  22. I'd love to join in and do some of the challenges with you all..