Tuesday, December 28, 2010

How is the exercise challenge going??

I'm really glad i have this challenge this week because i think if i didn't i would have spent this week on my butt doing nothing :)

So instead of nothing i've been doing some push ups, some squats and a lot of walking yesterday! In fact what i've been doing is a set of squats and counter push ups every time i go to the bathroom. Wow maybe i should cut back on my water drinking?? Just kidding.

So how are  you managing to squeeze some exercise into your day??

So far these are the people who have said they were doing this weeks challenge:
Me :)
Auntie Mandy
R. Reed

If i've missed anyone or you'd like to join us just leave a comment. Everyone's welcome


  1. Now that's awesome!! They have a skating rink in front of our city hall here :)

  2. I got a kettlebell from Santa and in my Self magazine there's 6 moves shown on this one article and I've been doing them when my son naps :) (ok ok with the tv on too)

    PS Suzi, I LOVE the pic you use in this post!!

  3. I think I forgot to sign up. Sorry about that. But I have been following along.
    Monday: strength training lower body
    Tuesday: run 2.5 miles

  4. I am taking this challenge as a roadmap for my recovery from an injury. Yesterday I got 8 minutes of exercise ( 5 on the mini bike and 3 walking). Today I got in 10 minutes on the mini bike. Yay me !!!

  5. Kelly i'm adding you on :)
    Di you get a huge "hug"!!

  6. Layla (now Darla - lol) had a great walk yesterday. In fact, this challenge pulled me up outta my funk. Thanks!

  7. So far doing great with exercise, about an hour a day. I did 48 minutes so far, but when the granbabies wake up from their naps, I am pulling them home in their sleds (about a mile each way)!

  8. Darla i've changed your name and way to go on the walk :)
    Michele your doing great!!

  9. SO far so good! Dog walking and gym!:)

  10. OMG...that little Allie is SERIOUSLY cute.
    Can't lie, haven't been doing well at the workouts. I'll be heading back home after Christmas at my parent's tomorrow, so things will definitely be looking up when I'm back to a more normal routine. Hope you are having a good day!!!

  11. It's not always easy at this time of year! I know you'll be getting more exercise time in soon.

  12. I hope to start my walking back tomorrow. Thanks for your comments on my blog..

  13. Debbie i'm putting you in the challenge because there's still 4 days left in the challenge and i know you can do it :)

  14. Okay, this is the most awesome challenge ever.

    I'd have never thought of just squeezing in "something" here and there. I always think of exercise as a mandatory 30 minutes (minimum) of doing something more strenuous. And not very fun.

    But, heck, even I could do a few counter push-ups here and there, or walk further by parking away from the store entrance. Why didn't I think of that?!!

    Does slapping myself in the head count as exercise?

  15. If you smack yourself hard enough :)

  16. What a terrific idea to get everyone off the couch! Good for you, so inovative and so inspirational.

  17. I've been doin' great on this one, thanks largely to a treadmill and an exercycle. Usually manage 30-50 minutes on one, the other, or a combination of both. Great for working off all that Christmas goodies!
    Hey--our city hall has a rink in front of it, too! Plus several across the city. If only I could skate...

  18. I think I missed 2 days this week, but 5 out of 7 aint bad!!

  19. I'm doing the challenge this week. I have you to thank for getting my butt into gear and joining the gym! Thank you!!

  20. Jeniffer, Karla and Zachsmama your all doing great!!

  21. put me on your list. Today I'm definitely doing squats and hopefully more!

  22. I'm in too! LOL!
    I have walked everyday this week (twice outside and today I cleared the treadmill and walked inside), except yesterday, when I did some weights and stretching.

  23. I'm doing good :) Did about 40 minutes on Monday, did about 20 minutes on Tuesday, walked up and down Bisbee (a hilly mining town) for about an hour and a half yesterday so I think that counts and today have plans to continue as well :)