Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Question day!

Yes it's the last question day before Christmas :) Enjoy!

1. Do you already have a new calendar? What's the theme? Do you usually buy yours or wait for a freebie?

2. Do you have any Christmas eve traditions??

3. How many fruits/veggies do you try to eat a day?? Or do you try??

4.What is your favorite nut?

5. What are you going to be changing to make sure 2011 will be your healthiest?

Thanks to everyone for taking the time to answer!!

Have a great Christmas "hugs"


  1. 1. We do, but this may shock you to find out, I have no idea about the theme.

    2. not really, except we sometimes try to decided open presents tonight or wait.

    3. I do at least 2 fruits and 3 veggies a day.

    4. I love the Blue Diamond flavored almonds! I am a huge fan of Blazin' Buffalo ones.... mmm mmm eat them for a snack every afternoon.

    5. I have already changed my eating and exercising habits, so I guess I will just be adopting those changes as my new MO for 2011!

  2. 1.Yes- it is a religious one and I buy it in October
    2. Yes- we have a meatless feast ( it's a Sicilian thing)and my son and I watch the different Midnight Mass services on TV while Bob is off singing at one
    3 5-10
    4. Almonds
    5Just continuing to do what I am doing

  3. 1. This year it will be a little different, b/c my parents are traveling to see me and my brother, instead of us going home to them. But normally, we have chili or oyster soup, go to Christmas Eve services, and then drive around looking at Christmas lights.

    2. Haven't bought a calendar yet. Normally, I've bought one by now.

    3. 4-5 I guess, but I guess I don't always think about it, just try to include some with all my meals.

    4.cashews? don't really have one. They're all good!

    5. Well, I'm trying to get back to eating less sugar! I was doing pretty well, and then the holidays hit, and have gotten bombarded with all the Christmas candy!!

  4. 1. For some reason this totally slipped my mind!! I usually buy mine at the dollar store. :)

    2. Nope- just spending time with family.

    3. At least 5, but it's usually WAY more than that!

    4. Almonds

    5. I want to be more faithful about exercising. I need to find something that I really look forward to doing!

  5. 1. Do you already have a new calendar? What's the theme? Do you usually buy yours or wait for a freebie? I just bought ours. It is a Folk Art themed calendar that I bought at Wal-Mart. I just remembered I could have gotten a calendar for free from the bank! DOH!

    2. Do you have any Christmas eve traditions?? We don't have any Christmas traditions except to go see a movie on the 25th.

    3. How many fruits/veggies do you try to eat a day?? Or do you try?? I try for 4 servings of fruit and I just usually end up eating around 2 or 3 of veggies.

    4.What is your favorite nut? You are my favorite nut!

    5. What are you going to be changing to make sure 2011 will be your healthiest? I am going to continue to do more of the same!

  6. 1. Do you already have a new calendar? What's the theme? Do you usually buy yours or wait for a freebie? Yep, but it's a dollar store calendar that I use to plan my dinners. It's nature scenes.

    2. Do you have any Christmas eve traditions?? Nope, just another night for us since we don't celebrate. :)

    3. How many fruits/veggies do you try to eat a day?? Or do you try?? at least one or the other with each meal. I mostly get three or four a day. I trying for more.

    4.What is your favorite nut? Pecans.

    5. What are you going to be changing to make sure 2011 will be your healthiest? My outlook on my ability to be healthy!

  7. Good morning! Had a wonderful walk this morning, sitting here eating breakfast and see the last, its been a year! Where did the time go?
    1. Do not have a calendar yet. Most the time I get a freebie, but thinking on scrap booking mine this year.
    2.Not really, all mine are in the morning of Christmas. check out the twelve days of Christmas on my blog that I participated in .
    3.At least two fruits and two veggies....but don't tell Jim if I don't eat the veggies...
    4.Besides my husband? Almond
    5.Wow, what a question since I just had the best health news ever...I think it will be to stay as healthy as I can, listen to my body, know when it needs taken care of, and live one day at a time taking care of ME.


  8. All the companies give Nurses a free calendar.
    I end up buying a scheduler type one that's small enough to carry. Then I lose it, and lose interest in it, cuz I never have appointments with anyone!

  9. Oh, Anne, that is so sad! I only say that because it's the same with me :(. We should make appointments with each other. At least put them on our calendars so we feel important!

  10. Well you guys can put question day down for Wednesdays and Sundays is challenge day :) I've had to do it myself so i don't forget!
    I'm the opposite i have a lot of things in my scheduler and i really wish i had less :(

  11. 1.We used to always get the UNICEF calendar, but lately, we just wait for the freebies. This year, I'm using the Humane Society calendar (I'm a regular donor). I also have a date book that I keep in my purse. It's filling up already.

    2. Chistmas eve is when French-Canadians have their big Christmas meal, open presents, etc. And since my hubby is of French-Canadian origin and I'm Jewish and we all either atheists or agnostics, we do the big bash on Christmas eve.

    3. I don't count my fruits and veggies. Just try to eat some of each every day.

    4. Favourite nut: walnuts.

    5. I'm hoping my new knee will make 2011 a healthy year, though I won't be getting it until the end of the year!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, suzi, and all your readers!!!

  12. First of all, Merry Christmas to you and your family Suzi. I'm so glad I found your blog this year, and look forward to LOTS of great posts, links, photos and questions in 2011!!

    1) I always get a calendar for Christmas, so nope, don't have it yet, and don't know the theme.

    2) No, nothing specific. This year, we'll be travelling to my parents place Christmas eve, and won't get there until late.

    3) I'm a big fruit and veggie fan. I don't count, but try to get one or both in at every meal or snack.

    4) My favorite nut? My husband! Kidding, cashews! (and my husband, but that's beside the point of this questions!)

    5) I feel on track to being healthy now, so won't change anything, just commit to staying on course into the new year and beyond.

    Merry Christmas Suzi's readers!!!

  13. 1. I use the google calendar. The theme is a picture of the Alamo at night. :)

    2. We used to open one gift but we've already opened all the gifts.

    3. I try to get in as many as possible without a certain number in mind.

    4. oh gosh. That's a tough one. Pecans, cashews, walnuts are my top 3. I love to eat a pecan that I've just picked up off the ground though. So good and sweet.

    5. Losing weight and exercising!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  14. 1. Harry Potter! It's a pop up calendar for 2011. Can't wait to open it!

    2. Family dinner in a small town.

    3. I try and get in 5 servings a day.

    4. Cashews!

    5. I'm going to run more.

  15. 1. Calendar? Paws with a cause, cuz I donate to them, but I also like to pick up something fantasy-related, like dragons or some such thing

    2. Christmas eve traditions?? Coming from a Hungarian/Austrian background, my grandma started the unlikely tradition of having lasagna on Christmas Eve, and it stuck.

    3. How many fruits/veggies? Would like to eat about 8-10, lucky if I get in 3-5.

    4.Favorite nut? Prolly cashews or pistacios...

    5. What are you changing...? Much less sugar, more activity, LOTS of water

  16. 1. Do you already have a new calendar? What's the theme? Do you usually buy yours or wait for a freebie?
    In MN we have this wonderful weather calendar. It is informative, too, about phenology, highs, lows, and things like that. Also includes star charts (can you tell I am a nerd??)

    2. Do you have any Christmas eve traditions??
    Nice dinner with the family who are able to make it. Often times we go to midnight Mass, now that the kids are grown. Great music and a great service.

    3. How many fruits/veggies do you try to eat a day?? Or do you try??
    Yes, I eat at least 4-5 a day.

    4.What is your favorite nut?

    5. What are you going to be changing to make sure 2011 will be your healthiest?
    Make one hour of time everyday (on my calendar) for me for exercise. I also will ride my nemesis as often as I can.

  17. I love Wednesday's Questions:)

    1. We have a New York Calendar, a souvenir of our holiday. I also have a cute doggy calendar from my Bezzy Mate, she bought me the diary to match it too.

    2. Ralph and I are making new traditions all the time as we are still sort of newlywed's. Christmas Eve is spent quietly with a takeaway and a drink or two.

    3. Four or five.

    4. Oh boy, do I have to choose just one? I love most nuts, especailly my husband...sorry, couldn't resist. If I had to pick just one it would be cashew.

    5.2001 will be healthier than 2010.
    I lost the plot when I got depressed, but I am taking steps to get back into a healthier exsistence.

    Thank you for being
    "A FABULOUS BLOGGER" you are an inspiration and I love that we have similar idea's, I just need more will power..

    Happy Christmas to you and your Ralph, from me and my Ralph:)



  18. 1. Yes. A Week at a Glance. Exciting, huh?

    2. No. Except I make crab cakes and finger food [hummus & veggies] and we will watch a movie.

    3. I eat 1-3 fruits. 3-5 veggies +

    4. Cashews. I avoid them therefore. Besides, they're not really a nut, are they? I get unsalted pistaccios from Trader Joe's that are my current favorites.

    5. Get a Britta water filter on the kitchen faucet.

  19. 1. LOL, I was just filling out my new calendar about an hour ago! There's no theme to it, but it does have separate slots for everyone in the family instead of one large block for each day.

    2. Every Christmas Eve, our family goes down to the Pike Place Market in Seattle and get fresh mini donuts and a baked treat my our dog. It happened one year because my stepson's mother never came to pick him up for visitation and my husband and I took him out to cheer him up and now it's a family tradition!

    3. I don't make an extra effort to eat fruits, but I sure should!

    4. Cashews!

    5. I need to find a new personal fitness goal. Like another triathlon or maybe a half marathon. I WILL lose these last 20 lbs in 2011!!!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!

  20. 1. My hubby buys it for me... it's happy bunny... it's so funny!

    2. Growing up we did, now we celebrate xmas eve with my cousins.

    3. This is my downfall, I don't really like f & v :( but I do my best!

    4. peanuts!

    5. Being a new mom, I have been extremely tired and doing everything for everyone. Going to work on myself, enough sleep is #1!

    Merry Christmas!

  21. I'm new to your blog but I thought I'd play anyway :)

    1.I do - Twilight (I know, I know I am shamed) My kids always get me one.

    2. I have always opened presents on Christmas Eve and wore our new PJ's to bed.

    3. In all honesty probably 3 most days but sometimes do better than that.

    4. Raw Almonds

    5. I am starting a journey to lose 100 pounds, so there will be loads throughtout the year.

  22. Ha! I went to the junkyard last night and the old man gave me a classic truck calendar!

  23. 1. Not yet. I usually get one as a christmas gift so I've held off.

    2. Mulled wine and relaxing and staring at the lights twinkling.

    3. 2 fruits a day...sometimes I only get one. I usually have a massive salad for lunch to get in a lot of veggies.


    5. I'm hoping to continue with the exercise and eating plan I've bene on for a few months now. To try and stay away from processed foods and eat as healthy as we can. I feel great and I want to it to continue :)