Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Question day!

Have fun and enjoy reading everyone's answers!

1. Any special plans for New Years Eve??

2. What was your favorite memory of this Christmas?

3. What did you have for breakfast today??

4. Are you planning on exercising today?

5. What was the last food you ate?


  1. 1 Planning on a quiet evening at home
    2 Celebrating the way we wanted to
    3. No breakfast yet- bacon and eggs are planned
    4 No- pushed it too much yesterday, leg is severely swollen so it is a rest day.
    5 Teriaki pork, soaked rice and sauteed Swiss chard- last nights dinner

  2. 1. Any special plans for New Years Eve??
    going to the Hunter's for Wii game night, loud kids, and going home after ringing in the New Year

    2. What was your favorite memory of this Christmas?
    I enjoyed eating like a skinny person would the most. I indulged and then got back on track the next day, no drama!

    3. What did you have for breakfast today??
    the usual, one egg, one egg white fried and 1/2 cup Special K with 1/2 cup 1% milk

    4. Are you planning on exercising today?
    oh yeah. I already have stretched, gotten a weight workout in, and am headed out the door in a few minutes to get my morning walking in at Wal Mart

    5. What was the last food you ate?

    the breakfast I listed above

  3. 1. quiet night at home, movies and family
    2. opening presents and being so happy I started to cry
    3. Bimbo toast with cottage cheese
    4. yep!! already did
    5. see #3

  4. 1. We have a HUGE family and friends thing at my in-laws every year.

    2. We were able to go see my grandmothers in Indiana this year which was awesome but I think my favorite part was building a gingerbread train with the hubster (everyone was out and it was nice and quiet lol)

    3. Low Calorie Yogurt (Strawberry)

    4. No time today! Work all day then WW meeting (30 min from home) then dinner with mom then BED!

    5. The yogurt

  5. yay Question day! Its been a while for me.

    1. drinks and dinner with another couple. Nothing too special.

    2. My favorite memory from this Christmas... going for a walk with my husband on Christmas morning.

    3. OATMEAL!!!!

    4. Yes. I am going to get out for a wlak tonight after work.

    5. OATMEAL!!!!

  6. 1. We're planning to go downtown for a party complete with 3D lights show, bands and art car parade in Houston.

    2. Watching the kids open their gifts. Love to see their faces and excitement.

    3. Haven't had breakfast yet but I'm thinking oatmeal.

    4. Yes! I'm involved in this challenge on Suzi's blog and I'm supposed to exercise each day. ;-) It'll have to be indoors because it's raining today.

    5. a Dove dark chocolate piece.

  7. 1. Staying home and watching movies with the kiddos

    2. The excitement the boys had leading up to the big day

    3. breakfast burrito

    4. I worked out a little too hard last night, so today I am going to rest, but back to the gym tomorrow

    5. Bannan

  8. Yeah - love question Wednesday!

    1. My husband and I stay home and have surf and turf - this year filelt mignon and lobster tails on the grill - it's supposed to be 50 degrees NYE!

    2. Holy shit - hands down the DSLR camera my family got me - I had no idea and actually thought I was getting slippers!

    3. Breakfast nachos! Two corn tortillas cut into 8 pieces, baked for 350. Topped with cooked egg, chopped baby spinach and cheese, and broiled until all melty - topped with salsa and Tabasco - best 6 point WW breakfast ever!

    4. Yep, either hill climb on the treadmill or a bike ride - not sure yet :D

    5. Coffee!

  9. LOVE question day and reading everyone's answers!!!
    1) For the first time in years, we are staying home on NYE, making a swanky yet healthy dinner, and may well be asleep before midnight. :)
    2) too many to name just one. I love holiday time with my parents
    3) fruit, a wee piece of panetonne (leftover from Christmas) and coffee
    4) What is exercise? Kidding. We're travelling back home today, so will be in the car most of the day. No exercise today, but tomorrow for sure!
    5) Just polished off some pineapple. soo good.

    Have a great day everyone!!!

  10. Love this!!!!!

    1. Quiet evening at home with family. Snuggling with hubby at midnight! :)

    2. My kids running out in the morning to open gifts.

    3. A biscuit...(still not back on "the plan")

    4. no ...(still not back on "the plan")

    5. a chocolate truffle...(still not back on "the plan")

    Thanks!!! Have a great day!

  11. We are staying in and hopefully staying up lol

    My son playing with his cousins

    Nothing yet

    Taking the dogs for a walk in between the rain

    Bbq pop chips

  12. 1. Taking our teens to the New Years Eve Youth Dance... (and wishing we had a DJ gig to make some $ ourselves!)

    2. The Christmas Program my sister presented in Utah where we all imagined what it was like to be in Bethlehem that night. It was a wonderful Christmas Eve.

    3. I had my Medifast chocolate pudding for breakfast

    4. I plan to be active today but no specific exercise is on the schedule.

    5. The last food I ate was stated in #3, but I am chewing on some Extra Desserts gum - chocolate mint flavor! Yum.

  13. 1. Going to my grandpa's along with my parents.

    2. All of the laughter with family- the kind of laughter that brings tears. :)

    3. HG french toast w/ SF syrup, a glass of milk and a banana.

    4. I'm thinking this will be a rest day due to pain in my foot.

    5. Shrimp and Feta pizza.

  14. 1. Any special plans for New Years Eve??

    Absolutely. We've been invited to our wonderful friends for a party. A good time will be had by all.

    2. What was your favorite memory of this Christmas?

    My granddaughter - everything she said and did.

    3. What did you have for breakfast today??

    Squirrelly bread, peanut butter and a crisp granny smith apple - and lots of water.

    4. Are you planning on exercising today?

    That's always the plan ;-)

    5. What was the last food you ate?

    The granny smith.

    Love question day, Suzi.

  15. No plans here, we usually order Chinese and play board games/Wii.

    Favorite memory will be my 2 yr old and his love of opening presents. Didn't matter the gift as long as he could rip into it.

    Breakfast: I skipped.

    Attended Bootcamp this morning and it kicked my butt.

    We had lunch at TGI Friday's...french fries.

  16. Is it Wednesday already? The last of the year??

    1. Any special plans for New Years Eve??

    Getting together with my two daughters and families is on the cards, but no specific plans at the moment.

    2. What was your favorite memory of this Christmas?

    Seeing my husbands face when he realised how much he is loved by my family. Priceless.

    3. What did you have for breakfast today?

    Vanilla yogurt.

    4. Are you planning on exercising today?
    Played on the Kinect withy my granddaughters and husband, lots of fun.

    5. What was the last food you ate?
    Mince pie, well it is Christmas...

  17. 1. Husband && I will have a party and watch dvds.

    2. My friend printing and binding my novel as a gift. Cool.

    3. Egg whites with slice of soy cheese on one slice of whole grain toast with Penzey California seasoning & salsa, watermelon & raspberies and coffee.

    4. yes & i did. Cardio today.

    5. Umm, I have a piece of Panda licorice in my mouth as I type this. :-O

  18. I love this post. Great job.

    1. Going to my mom's like I do every year to celebrate and late Christmas

    2. Seeing the ocean for the first time in my life in San Diego, CA.

    3. A cup of coffee and a banana

    4. I did some crunches earlier but after last nights 3 mile walk I think that's about all I'm going to accomplish today.

    5. 22 Mixed Berry and Poppy Seed crackers.

  19. 1 - YES! Foreworks :) Never before allowed in our area so we are super excuted!

    2 - My Blue and Silver Christmas tree :)

    3 - Nothing yet, just coffee other than that not sure yet

    4 - Yep! Walking, probably not outside with the snow but on my treadmill, something!

    5 - Homemade Chicken Soup and Garlic Cheddar Rolls - YUMMO!!!

  20. 1. Nope. I'll probably go to bed my usual early time. Poor hubby.

    2. This year we had a great time playing a new board game.

    3. "Refried" beans that I make in the crockpot once a week and eat every day for breakfast.

    4. Yes! It is unusually warm so maybe I'll walk outside.

    5. See number 3:)

  21. 1. We are planning a quiet evening celebrating at home. We will stay up and see the new year in but wont be going out.
    2. Find that the size medium satin pajamas that hubby got me for Christmas actually fit me.
    3.Haven't actually had breakfast yet. Probably will grab some Greek Yogurt soon.
    4. I'm eyeing the treadmill and hoping to get some time on it. Right now I'm tired from the household chores and am taking a break.
    5. I think the last food I ate was a couple of pita chips last night.