Friday, December 31, 2010

Well work was busy!

Started my day with some good old Scottish oats with banana and pb2! Oh yes that definitely hit the spot.

Since i was starting work at noon i wasn't going to have time to eat lunch :( Oh well a protein shake and a couple of clementines helped to keep me satisfied.

Yes it was back to work today and thank goodness it closes early for New Years Eve!  Wow people really want their coffee!! Really want there coffee BAD. People knocking on locked doors begging us to let them have a coffee and we didn't have any on. Oh well people there's always tomorrow.

So i'm home in time to have a bowl of beef stew from the slow cooker and later a small glass of bubbly with Ralph and then we'll be watching the ball drop. No major party for me as i have to get up tomorrow to go back to work. Hope you have a great night!

I just wanted to show you this print someone sent me! I love it :)


  1. Happy New Year Spunkysuzi!!!!!!!

  2. Happy New Year Suzi!!! Glad you didn't have to work all day.

  3. I love PB2, Suzi. It's awesome. I have a book mark, Keep Calm and Carry the read on. Oops, gotta go and get ready for the party. xo

  4. ~Happy New Year!~ Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I always love having you visit and reading the sweet comments you leave for me Suzi!


  5. Happy New year,m Suzi! Have a joyful, wonder-filled 2011!