Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Last day :(

Yes today was my last day of free YMCA group! We had a sculpting class and a pot luck, i made sure i ate before i went and it was a good job i did as they had brownies, cookies, creamy salads, pepperettes. I did succumb to a couple of carrots :)

I also managed to dye my hair and have a great food day :)

I was so proud of the hubs today, he came along for the sculpting class and rocked it! He also biked there and back.

We're having another bbq tonight, this time we're have extra lean hamburgers on whole wheat buns with pineapple on the side.

Hope you had a great day!

Question Day Again!!

1. What is your favorite salad??

2. If you eat crackers which ones are your favorite??

3. Can you touch your toes??

4. Do you like gum?? What is your favorite flavor??

5. How are you doing today??

6. What time did you get up this morning :)

Have fun with these :)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I just found out i start another program of yoga on April 14th, i really need this a my legs feel so tight lately!

I really enjoyed the last session and i'm really looking forward to a new session.

I wouldn't mind more days like this :)

Started today by getting up early! I had to meet two friends to go to the Dollar Store for supplies for our craft afternoon :) I love the Dollar store!

Back home had lunch and then went for a nice afternoon walk (with sprints of course)

Yesterday i bought 2 cadbury cream eggs because i had planned to have one with the hubs Monday after our easter dinner (i'm working all weekend!). I cannot believe how small they've become, they are half the size they used to be :(

Are you going to pre-plan your easter dinner?? Are you going to have any easter candy??

A few new things i've found that i really like!

1. Amy's organic tomato soup - The best canned tomato soup i've ever had!

2. Organic cocoa bliss- Just tried a wee little bit and oh my i think it's better than nutella :)

3. Suzie's crackers (don't you love the name)-Awesome taste very light and flaky and you get a nice quantity for one serving

4. Kumato tomatoes-Really nice and sweet!

5. Dubliner cheese-A very good strong tasting cheese, i love it!

Do you have new things that you've liked?? Would love to have others to try :)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Yeah BBQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The hubs went out today to buy a new bbq, fill the propane tank and get some awesome steak!! Oh yeah, i know what i'm having for dinner tonight :)

This afternoon i completed my 5k walk in 53 minutes with the walking group which was amazing as my legs were tired and felt heavy!! Before that i walked through the park for some new pictures.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Another day another walk :)

That's right i hit the trails again today :) And yes i did some sprints, i'm liking them more and more! Although i won't tell you how sweaty i am when i get home.

Weekly goal update...

This week has been an awesome one (well besides hubs getting sick). I started sprinting on my walks and i love it, it's so freeing!! Work has been busy so my days there have gone by fast so far. Hubs is well again! And tomorrow he's going to go buy a new bbq and some steak!

Last weeks goals:
1. Try to listen to my body more, eat when hungry, stop when satisfied!-I actually have and so far i'm doing great :)

2. Drink water-I'm working on this one! Did drink water every day but i would like to be drinking more.

3. Get some de-cluttering done-Wanted to but didn't end up doing it :(

This weeks goals:
1. keep working on my water intake

2. 15 minutes everyday to declutter

3. Keep doing my sprints and hopefully run a little further each time!

4. Do the 5K walk with my walking group on tomorrow

5. Have fun!!!!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Back at it again :)

I went out for another nice walk today and yep i did sprints, not as many as yesterday but the ones i did were definitely longer than yesterday! All in all i'm very happy with my workout :) Of course i needed to fuel my workout so i started the day with pumpkin french toast and turkey sausage.

Tomorrow i'm going to give my legs a rest and do some weights and some yoga. Oh and did i mention i'm meeting with my walking group to do a 5k on Monday?? Sweet!

Last night when i got to work these quality street chocolates waiting on the table. Oh boy one of my favorites. I ignored them until my last break because i knew i had enough calories left in my day to have one but only one. And that's exactly what i did. I definitely enjoyed it but then i moved on with my day :) Wow, that is major for me, not too long ago i would have eaten 3/4 of them without blinking an eye.

Now i'm going to relax for a while and then get ready for another day at work selling donuts and danishes :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I did it!!

For years on and off i've tried to jog, hated it and never could do it more than a few minutes!! It was so frustrating.

This morning as i was going out on a walk, i ended up coming back inside because it was cold and i had to put another jacket on. Out i went again in my gansta outfit. What made today special?? I ran, no i didn't jog i did sprints, all in all about 8 of them :) And i loved it... I'm so proud of myself!! Thank goodness i remembered a sports bra today or there may have been severe damage. I'm looking forward to doing this again.

So exercise is done for today, eating has been great and now i'm getting my lunch and then going to work. Fun, fun, fun :)

Review: Nature's Path Organics

A while ago Nature's Path was kind enough to send me some cereals and a box of their new granola bars to try! As you know i love trying new things and freebies are always welcome :)
I don't eat cereal everyday so it has taken me a while to try them all :) That cannot be said of the granola bars which disappeared in this house within days!! I believe the hubby took them, but he's says it could have been Snuffy.

So i'll start with the Mmmaple pecan flax plus granola bars These were sooooo good! I have a very sweet tooth and these bars were definitely to my liking. If you don't like really sweet you might not like them as much. But they really were one of the best granola bars i had tasted. They are vegetarian and although they had quite a few ingredients none were anything i would have a problem with. I give this one 2 thumbs up :)

Next i tried the Mesa Sunrise and the Crunchy Maple Sunrise. These are both organic and gluten free. The Mesa Sunrise is also wheat free and low sodium, it is made from corn, rice, flax, quinoa, buckwheat and amaranth. 
While the Crunchy Maple Sunrise is a good source of fiber and contains .15mg of omega 3 per serving and is made from flax, corn and amaranth!! Not bad, not bad at all.
So how did they taste? I have to admit i love cereals that aren't just one grain or texture. I loved the Crunchy Maple sunrise, it had little corn pop's, small rice crisipies and little flakes and smelled and tasted a wonder maple flavor. The Mesa Sunrise i liked but i liked it better when mixed with other cereals! Would i buy these, indeed i would any day.

I tried the Flax Plus Maple Pecan Crunch to be honest i loved using this as a topping on yogurt or fruit. Tasted like a granola to me :) And since it's high fibre, whole grain and it gives you 5g of fibre and 15% of iron definitely made it a healthy choice. But that said 3/4 c for 220 calories is a little high for me. When i eat cereal i like to have a good bowlful.

Last but not least are the Corn Flakes which are fruit juice sweetened. These are gluten free and low fat. What i loved about them is their ingredients: organic corn meal, organic grape and/or pear juice concentrate, sea salt! 
Honestly i was really impressed with the ingredients. I must admit i'm not a huge corn flake fan but i did love mixing these with the other cereals.

All in all i was really happy to try these cereals and other than the corn flakes i'll be buying again. Thanks Nature's Path for giving me a chance to try some new things and finding some new favorites!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A very late question day!!

Sorry i only just remembered it is Wednesday!

1. Favorite muffin??

2. What's on your wish list??

3. How many pets do you have?? Names??

4. What's your favorite topping for hot dogs??

5. What is your favorite recipe for chicken??

Have fun :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Update from yesterday!

Sorry i'm a bit late posting today but i've been absolutely lazy today :)

Hubs says thanks for all the well wishes! He's much better today, in fact he's one of those people who fights most things off in 24 hours :) However, while he is sick he's definitely dying if you know what i mean.

So after cleaning the house yesterday and being "someone's" slave i'm totally knackered!! So today i've just been catching up on blogs, reading and generally being lazy :) Oh and did i say i was loving it???

What plans do i have for tonight?? Absolutely nothing at all!

Hope you guys have had a great day and will have an even better evening.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Poor hubs!!

I had this great list of things to do today. Well they're not going to happen.

The hubs has come down with a major case of the flu! Poor guy has had nothing but ginger ale and popsicles and has made so many trips to the bathroom that he's just a blur running past me.

So today my plan is to nurse the hubs back to health. I've already gone to the store and stocked up on gingerale, popsicles, jello, immodium and gravol.

In between nursing duties i've been busy cleaning the house.

Hopefully things will be back to normal soon.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weekly goal update...

Last weeks goals:
1. Take more care of me! Do things i should do for me but don't.-I didn't do this very much this week :(

2. Make sure i'm drinking my h2o!-5 out of 7 days i did!

3. It's going to be a little more stressful this week as i'm not going to be home at dinner time when i usually am. So i'm going to have to plan on what i can take with me or eat before i go (don't want to wait until i get home as that's going to be pretty late)-I made sure to eat before the first aid course and i did great :)

4. Make my grocery list, so much easier if i make it a while before i need to go-Done

5. Try to relax during my yearly review at work! I always get so stressed and emotional.-Not only was i more relaxed this year but the people giving it to me were more relaxed as well!

This weeks goals:
1. Try to listen to my body more, eat when hungry, stop when satisfied!

2. Drink water

3. Get some de-cluttering done

I'm going to stick with these three this weeks because they are not quick easy goals but one's i need to work on for quite a while!

What are your goals this week??

Thursday, March 18, 2010

On my travels.....

Wow today was a great day to get out for a walk!

I love to try new things!!

As i've mentioned before i LOVE Epicure!! It all started innocently enough when they send me a turkey brining set to try and the whole family loved it. Then i find out they're a Canadian company. Wow, i've been very impressed lately with the quality of some Canadian brands i've come across.

Well i decided maybe i should try a few more of their products and the rest is history. One thing i love about them is that most of their seasoning are very low sodium or no sodium. Great for me as i'm really watching my sodium. One of my favorite seasonings is the Chili Lime Sensel which has 1mg of sodium!! Another one i love is the pumpkin pie spice mmmmm.......

So this week i received the Asian sauce collection which included a red pepper jelly, Asian stirfry seasoning, teriyaki seasoning and chicken bouillon base. And a sweet little booklet of Asian recipes :)

Now what to make, what to make! Definitely going to use some of the seasoning in my Asian soup and i see lots of innovative dishes in the future :)

Thanks Epicure for getting me hooked, i'm sure i'll be trying more things soon.

**The only free product i received was the Canadian Maple Turkey Brining Kit. All other products i have bought myself and my honest opinion is expressed!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Question day once again!! Happy St Patrick's Day

1. Is there anything you've wanted to try/do and have never done it??

2. What is your favorite flavor of yogurt??

3. Do you own a cell phone??

4. Do you celebrate St Patrick's Day?? Green beer anyone??

5. Where are your feet right now??? :)

6. Pickle or olive??

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Another day another walk :)

Yes i got to sleep in a bit today and i energized with cocoa banana pancakes with syrup!! The sun was out so i definitely took advantage of it.

This is my balance beam while i'm out walking:

These i use to do my step ups:

This i use to do my tricep dips:

This i use for pull-ups:

And yes i get to go to another first aid course tonight taught by a very cute fireman :) And no i won't be eating the pizza they're giving us 3 nights in a row!