Friday, April 30, 2010


I cannot begin to tell you how sore i am :( At work last night i could hardly move never mind bend down to pick things up!!

Today is slightly better :) If i ever mention stripping wax on my hand and knees and then putting 2 coats of wax back on, on my hands and knees please, please start an intervention!!!!

Anyway, i'm hoping to be back to normal by tomorrow (i hope). And i'll be back to normal blogging.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Question Day Again!!

Sorry this is late but i spent the day stripping my kitchen/dining area floor and then re-waxing it!! Oh my, that was a big job :)

Here's this weeks questions:

1. How many pillows do you sleep with??

2. Favorite jelly bean flavour?

3. Where were you born??

4. What are your five favorite foods??

5. Do you work?? If so what do you do?

Have fun!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Today's plan...

Well this morning i need to doing a bit of work around the house, i really don't wanna but i will :)

Then it's a quick lunch before heading to Cambridge for the bowling event i have planned for people with mental health issues. And no i won't be having the hot dog and fries that are provided!

On the way to the bowling i'm going to get off the bus early so that i can get a few steps in. I'm in a challenge for steps and i've been really good about going on long walks everyday :)

How is your day going??

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Weekly goal update...

Had a great week this week! Here's last weeks goals:

1. Keep drinking the water-Indeed i have and the new water bottle i have helps!

2. Exercise at least 5 out of 7 days-I have exercised every day this week :)

3. Put makeup on at least 3 times this week- Today made 3 days

4. Practice yoga during the week!
-Nope did get around to doing this :(

This weeks goals:

1. Exercise again at least 5 out of 7 days

2. To get 10,000 steps at least a day on my pedometer ( I'm close to it now but i have a few days of near misses)

3. Sort out my back packs and bags!

4. Delete old photo's on my camera 

5. Have fun!!!!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

My mind is in a great place right now!

What i mean is that i'm not having uncontrollable hunger, i don't have any major cravings and i'm really enjoying exercising right now :) Now i just have to stay doing this!! I really do think a lot of this comes from not eating much sugar. For some reason it just triggers cravings in me like crazy :(

Anyway i went on an awesome walk this morning and now i'm going to go get ready for work.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Went on another sweet walk!

Had to squeeze this walk in before getting ready for work :) I have been trying really hard lately to hit 10,000 steps or more per day. Let me tell you, if you sit on the computer all day and don't move much i have to walk for an hour and a half to get those numbers in!!

By the way you may see that i now moderate comments! It's not because of my readers it's because idiots like to try selling viagra in my comments :( In fact i got two of them today!  If the spam stops i'll put the comments back to normal.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I was supposed to be back to work today!

Well i still am, kinda :) Actually they're sending me to some 4 hour course about legalities or something! So i don't need to be there until 5pm.

So this morning i went on a walk and before i go to the course i  picked up some groceries.

I'm really proud of me this week! Even though i was going through some major stress i didn't eat to compensate, that for me is huge.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

And i'm back :)

After searching the web for solutions i finally figured out that my picasa web album was full so i paid $5 for some extra space and voila i'm back :)
I'm sorry for mixing everyone up! But you can safely go back to blogspot for my updates :)


So blogger is still being nasty i imported my blog to wordpress for now! If blogger lets me upload pictures eventually i will come back to it.

So right now i'm posting here and it's being sent to

And my food blog is

Don't worry your comments are automatically sent over there :)

I would really appreciate if you could put these new blogs in your google reader or other RSS!


Question day is back again :)

1. What's the healthiest thing you've done or plan to do for you today??

2. Do you have a bike?? Are you going to go biking this year??

3. Do you own a pedometer?? Do you use it :)

4. Are there any questions you'd like to suggest for me to ask??

5. What is your favorite lunch??

6. What's for dinner tonight??

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

To see today's photo's

Visit me here if you'd like to see today's photo's! I'm royally mad with blogspot today

Another fantastic day!

Started today by getting some cleaning done. Hate housework but it has to be done.

After that i went on a walk/run! Came home for lunch and then off on the bike with the hubs to go to one of my favorite stores The Bulk Barn :)

Is anyone else having a problem with blogger uploading pictures today??? It's doing it on both my computers so i'm presuming it's bloggers fault.

If there are any computer tech's out there that could help i'd really appreciate it.

I've downloaded pictures on to the computer and it shows them uploading but then nothing!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday, monday......

Yes it's officially my weekend now :)

I was going to meet up with my walking group but i was asked to have a meeting with some college students who are writing something on the group i've been with. The one that does walking, yoga, weights etc.
No problem, you know i love to talk!

So knowing i wouldn't get any exercise from the walking group today i went to my favorite park and walked and walked. Then i made my way to my favorite health food store to pick up a few things. After that i went to my favorite coffee house for some time to catch up with the computer :)

I rambled home to find the hubs on the bbq making some angus burgers!! And he had the wine all ready for me. Love that man :)

Oh by the way i think i found out what made me sick last week after yoga! Coffee!!  I don't drink coffee very often (maybe once a week if that) and today i got a coffee and immediately felt nauseous :( And that's what i had right before yoga. So no coffee before yoga again :)

All i have to say it was a perfect day. I even bought myself a new water bottle.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Rambling thoughts :)

Why did i have to wear gloves this morning and a wooly hat?? Because it's freezing out :(

Why won't birds just stay still when i'm trying to take their picture??

Why doesn't that time of the month just disappear forever??

Why are there never enough hours in the day??

Weekly goal update

It's that time of the week again to see how i've done and what i'd like to be doing :)

Last weeks goals:

1. Drink my water!- I did drink at least 8 cups a day!

2. Monday meet with my walking  group and wednesday meet with my yoga group :)-I did even though i got sick after yoga i still enjoyed it. I will be going again this week.

3. Pick an extra exercise daily and just do it!-I managed to do this for 4 days :) I did walk 6 days but the extra's i had planned on doing i didn't do as much as i would have liked to!

4. Only eat when i'm truly hungry, i have a hard time with this one.-Believe it or not i actually did this and i was o.k with it.

This weeks goals:

1. Keep drinking the water

2. Exercise at least 5 out of 7 days

3. Put makeup on at least 3 times this week

4. Practice yoga during the week!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

I did it anyway :)

Before i went to bed last night the weather network said it was going to be pretty cold with rain/snow!!

I got up early this morning thinking i might go for a walk. Had an incredible breakfast of chocolate/banana/protein pancakes and then decided it was now or never since it was gloomy and had already rained a bit. But then again i could just go back to bed :)

I did end up going out and it did rain and snow and hail!! But it was awesome anyway.

What are you doing for exercise today???

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Back to work!

Today i'm back to working slinging coffee, donuts and danishes :) And no i won't be eating any of them!!

But first i went on a walk: I didn't know that squirrels liked sun bathing :) Do you see him on the fence?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


My yoga sessions have started again! I love, love, love going to yoga :) I'm sure i'm going to feel it tomorrow though.

The weirdest thing happened though, right after the session i felt so nauseous that i actually threw up. It wasn't a strenuous session either so i don't know what would have caused that.  Anyone else ever have that happen to them??

On the way home i got off the bus early and hoofed it through a walking trail to get some extra walking in :) And yes i was feeling better by then.