Monday, May 31, 2010

Today's plan....

Well it was a pretty busy day today :)

First i went to two meetings where i volunteer, then walked downtown to meet Jen for sushi!! Lots of fun. What's really cute is Jen taking pictures of the food while i'm taking pictures of her: she's catching the blogging bug.

I approximated what i ate and i was pleasantly satisfied but not stuffed. I had some mango cucumber sushi, salmon sushi, edamame pods, seaweed salad and if you pretend it wasn't on iceburg lettuce it was actually very tasty.
Oh and one chicken skewer  :) Jen had tempura, beef on a stick, soup, taro chips and we shared the sushi. The ice cream is all hers (although she didn't finish it all) I did have 1/2 tsp to taste :)

After sushi?? Met up with my walking group, hopefully i burned some of the calories i ate at the sushi restaurant :)

Then it's home to make some chicken strips, low fat fries and salad!!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Now this is my kind of day :)

Started the day with a great walk! Actually it's only an unusual when i don't go for a walk :)

Home for a quick lunch.

Then Ralph and i are going to a park down town to chillax. Nope not going to happen! Actually Jen had an invitation to go swimming and since it's hot here today i don't blame her.

So the wise Mr Ralph decided to hop across the road and get some Canadian Molson 67 beer which just happened to be very cold and at only 67 calories which equals one point so i had two :)

While i was chilling i ate one of the best snacks ever! It was definitely yummo:
sugar free/fat free chocolate pudding with a couple of raspberries and a drizzle of peanut butter. Major yummo!

We did take advantage of our patio and our huge umbrella! I've got my feet up sat back and chillaxed. Finally. Enjoyed looking at some of the flowers i've planted!

Hope your having a great weekend!!

Weekly goal update

    Last weeks goals:

1. Keep drinking my water as i find this really sets the tone for my day.A+ on this one :)

2. I will lift weights 2 times this week.A+ on this one as well! 

3. Keep on planning my food in advance as this saves me time and stress!I did but i need to do some more today. 

4. Plant some flowers because that makes me smile every time i leave the house. And when it's nice and warm i love to eat outside and enjoy the view :)Yep another goal under my belt. I'll take photos as soon as they bloom. 

5. To give my daughter a great big hug and try not to cry too much, then go out for sushi with her!! She's finally coming home this week after being away for 2 years. didn't cry (that has to be a first), gave her more than one hug and tomorrow we go for sushi! 

    This weeks goals:
1. Keep drinking the water (i like to have reminders) 

2. Totally enjoy my 4 days off of work :) That shouldn't be too hard! 

3. Buy myself a fanny belt to hold my camera, debit card, keys etc when i'm out walking. Carry a water bottle and camera etc is not the easiest thing to do. 

What are your goals this week??

(sorry playing around with the computer)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Another day another walk :)

A big hello to my son Alex who is such a sweetie :) I hope to visit him in Calgary this year!

I got up this morning and just knew i had to get out and grab some of those rays before work today. Although i do have to say the cat had the right idea!

A few things that make me smile :)

Having Jen home :) Welcome back Jen and Martin!

Muscles in my calves!

My hair is long enough to tie back for the first time in 30 years. Even if it is an itty bitty pig tail  :)

Seeing rabbits and chipmunks on my walk

Knowing i'm going to have Sunday off :)

A nice plate of raw veggies and cheese

My camera

The hubby!

Snuffy laying in the sun

What makes you smile??

Friday, May 28, 2010

Today's walk and we have some winners!!

Snuffy says good morning!

First i'd better announce the winners :)

For the mystery box from me:  Summer

The samples of Honeybars go to: VRaz60 , Bbubblyb, and Lori

Could everyone who won please send me an email at with their shipping information?

Thanks to everyone who left a comment with some awesome tips!! I'll try to have the prizes out within the next couple of weeks :)

Guess who showed up today :)

And now back to regularly scheduled programming: My walk!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Don't forget :)

Tomorrow i make the draw for the mystery box and 3 people will get Honeybars :) All you have to do is leave a comment here!!

Good luck

A few things i really like!

My daughters home tonight :) Can you tell i'm excited? Here's a list of things i really like:

1. Crofter's jam and the puddy cat!

2. Allegro cheese-4% fat so i can get double the amount i would normally get :)

3. Homemade waffles that i made this morning

4. Blue menu muffins from president's choice

5. prunes and almond butter (must remember to make this soon)

6. Cherry tomatoes

7. Goji berries

8. Healthy banana splits

9. Frozen smoothie bars

10. crackers with light laughing cow and jam :)

11. Tetley tea

12. Waffle sandwiches

13. bananas

14. Light laughing cow cheese

15. berries

What are some of the things that your enjoying??