Friday, December 31, 2010

Well work was busy!

Started my day with some good old Scottish oats with banana and pb2! Oh yes that definitely hit the spot.

Since i was starting work at noon i wasn't going to have time to eat lunch :( Oh well a protein shake and a couple of clementines helped to keep me satisfied.

Yes it was back to work today and thank goodness it closes early for New Years Eve!  Wow people really want their coffee!! Really want there coffee BAD. People knocking on locked doors begging us to let them have a coffee and we didn't have any on. Oh well people there's always tomorrow.

So i'm home in time to have a bowl of beef stew from the slow cooker and later a small glass of bubbly with Ralph and then we'll be watching the ball drop. No major party for me as i have to get up tomorrow to go back to work. Hope you have a great night!

I just wanted to show you this print someone sent me! I love it :)

Happy New Year!!

                                                    May 2011 be your best year yet!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Back to work tomorrow!

I have to say i've really enjoyed my time off of work! But i shall be oh so glad to be back to routine. Yes it means having to get dressed and take off my pj's even when i don't want to, but it will be so nice to have meal times planned and not have to worry about finding just one healthy thing to eat in the house :)

Today i got my butt off of my computer chair and actually went for a walk. Not as pretty as usual because it's pretty mild here, but a nice walk all the same. I made sure to stop at the grocery store to pick up some healthy food and stopped at work to make sure i'm needed tomorrow (i live in hope that i won't need to work :)

Here's some pictures from today:
Anne will know what these pictures are for :) Anne these are handmade and sent to me from Paraguay, i love them!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Question day!

Have fun and enjoy reading everyone's answers!

1. Any special plans for New Years Eve??

2. What was your favorite memory of this Christmas?

3. What did you have for breakfast today??

4. Are you planning on exercising today?

5. What was the last food you ate?

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

How is the exercise challenge going??

I'm really glad i have this challenge this week because i think if i didn't i would have spent this week on my butt doing nothing :)

So instead of nothing i've been doing some push ups, some squats and a lot of walking yesterday! In fact what i've been doing is a set of squats and counter push ups every time i go to the bathroom. Wow maybe i should cut back on my water drinking?? Just kidding.

So how are  you managing to squeeze some exercise into your day??

So far these are the people who have said they were doing this weeks challenge:
Me :)
Auntie Mandy
R. Reed

If i've missed anyone or you'd like to join us just leave a comment. Everyone's welcome

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day update!

So this year my daughter invited Ralph and i over for dinner. It was really cold out but no snow yet.The bus schedule was interesting in that it had a Christmas schedule but no one knew what it was.

 I loved going to Jen and Martin's place because they are foodies!!  No plain boiled carrots for them :) You know your going to enjoy every crumb and the most fun was watching them cook. Well that is until Martin started to cry while chopping the shallots.

We also got to meet Allie who is an adorable kitten they adopted. What a sweetie pie!

On to dinner:
Just before dinner Martin brought out the homemade pickles, pickled green and yellow beans and pickled hot peppers! Oh yes my sinus' were definitely clear after that. And then onto the main meal.

Turkey lots and lots of delicious turkey, stuffing with duck, roasted carrot, parsnip and potato, green beans with bacon, shallots and dijon mustard, gravy and homemade cranberry sauce! Oh my!!
You know you've hit the jackpot when they offer you 4 different kinds of sea salt :) Smoked sea salt is delish.

And my plate: I must admit i took more parsnips and carrots and green beans, thanks Martin now i'm hooked on them.
Everyone loved it and we were definitely all smiles afterwards!
O.k you didn't get a pic of me since i was taking the pic's and Martin was busy getting everything ready he never stopped!

Challenge Day! Results and Week 4 challenge

Last weeks challenge was to journal our food. I know this was one of the hardest weeks! You guys did great.
We've had some new bloggers join us so if you like to check them out i have linked to all of them. 

Debbie who i know has journaled everyday, she definitely inspires me
Karla who is so busy at work this week yet managed to journal her food. 
Ann will be joining me in the challenges in the new year! She is one busy lady right now. I think she may have done this one :)
Shane who is another blogger who regularly journals his food. Hope your having fun with your new game :)
Sheilagh who wasn't too sure about joining my challenges but has rocked them! 
Michele managed to get 3 days of journaling in which at this time of year is great.
Cammy may be joining us now and then, we'd love to have you join anytime
Jen my wonderful daughter who did a great job of keeping track this week!
Kelly who not only track every day but lost 3lbs!!
Mrs. D who is on the right path to healthy living :)
KellyNY who jumped on this challenge and aced it :)
Jennifer is having a stressful time this week but we hope to see her back in the challenges soon!
Phil who is really busy but we can't wait to see him back in the challenges
Anne you da bomb :) Yep she journaled this week! 
Dawn always has so much on to do!! She makes me tired reading about it :) She had a hard time this week but is still fighting.
Lynn who is busy with the Christmas season. Not sure how she did this week
Princess Dieter i don't know if she did the challenge!
Di who is a pro at journaling thank you for joining us this week
Ex yoyo dieter Debbie I think i've made a mistake here and put the wrong link, not sure whether it's ex yo yo dieter or deb will be free. Sorry!
Me :) I have indeed rocked this and i've even started updating my daily nosh blog :)
That tops lady who has faced Christmas head on! To make any changes to how you would normally eat over Christmas is awesome :)
Auntie Mandy totally rocked this challenge!
Carla who rocks eating healthy! (and has the cutest little daughter) And is a great cheerleader
Cassie who's having a bit of a rough time over Christmas but i know she'll be back for another challenge
MPax who has joined us this week and rocked it!!
Jeniffer you did it kiddo!
Jessica who i haven't heard from. Hope your back soon. Sorry i don't have the link to your blog :(  just leave your link in the comments if  you have a blog.
Me only better who joined in our challenge.
Mom to the fourth power you are doing great! Thanks for joining us
Dillypoo fought with cookies but came our victorious :)
Dawne who has not been feeling well this week. I'm pretty sure she journaled. Hope your better soon "hugs"
VRaz60 who went back to journaling this week!
Raegun who is probably out snow shoeing with her hubs :) I know you had a good week!
Sassy Susie and no it's not me! Susie jumped right into the challenge and aced it this week :)
Paige is another newbie! Welcome to the challenge
C. who is already a ninja at food tracking, welcome to the challenge
Weightingfor50 joined us this week and is doing great.
R. Reed Welcome to blogland and this challenge!
~Layla~ A new blogger who is joining us this week.

This weeks challenge:

So Christmas is over, now is the time to get back into a routine and i thought what better way than to exercise :)
So my challenge to you is to get in at least 10 minutes daily. Now i know some of us will choose an hour or a half hour, you don't have to tell me how long if you don't want to. But if 10 minutes a day is more than your doing now, join the challenge and enjoy!
This can be walking, running, walking on the spot, dancing to some awesome music, picking up some weights, it can be whatever you choose it to be. 

**Have fun with this and please because there are more people every week if you could e-mail me at on Saturday or reply on my Saturday post i would really appreciate it.

***Please if you haven't exercised before make sure you've got the o.k from your Doctor.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Enjoying the day

This has got to be one of the healthiest Christmas i've had!

I'm going to Jen's for dinner and don't know what she is having besides turkey, so i made sure to eat light.

Started my day with eggs, veggies and fruit. Then off on an hours walk i went :) Yes me, i know!!! It was me and the squirrels.

Now i'm home and having a light lunch before i get ready to go to Jen's and honestly there's not a thing i regret doing this Christmas.

A big Christmas hug to all of you!!

Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Challenge updates?

How is the journaling going?? For those that haven't let me know that they did the challenge can you let me know by tonight and i will have a post with the names and links up on Sunday and of course a new challenge.

I've actually starting posting pic's of my meals on My Daily Nosh again :)  Don't ask me why i get motivation the week before Christmas, but i kind of like it. I actually missed doing it but i would be out when i had to grab dinner, or at a meeting where i don't like to take pic's. But it's back to program now.

Something i've realized lately is that when i over eat junk food my brain is remembering how good that tasted. Now i'm trying to program it to remember how bad i felt after and especially the next day!! Funny how we tend to forget that.

Today i had to go pick up my cheque at work as they decided they weren't going to give it to us a day or two early like they usually do :( And the banks close early today!

Today i'm giving my legs a break i need a day of rest. Well it won't really be rest as i'll be doing push ups, squats and planks. Other than that though i plan on taking it easy today :)

Hope your having a great Christmas eve. Don't forget Sunday will be a new challenge.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Could only happen to me!!

After grocery shopping i was unpacking all the food when i came across a carton for blueberries only there were no blueberries in it!!

Yep they were all in the bottom of the bag squished :(

Hope your day is going better!

Today's plan....

Started off with another awesome brekkie, protein blueberry pancakes with turkey bacon! Now no drooling :)

Then i needed to get some cleaning done.

Went for a wonderfully cold walk :) and then grocery shopping!

Not necessarily fun things but necessary all the same. What are you doing today??

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What a day!

I started today by getting up early because the hubs and i were going out to buy a 46" tv. So i got up made a great breakfast of ham and cheese mini frittatas and a grapefruit!

Got to the store o.k and he tv was still on sale, so far all is great. Then we had to order a van cab so we could take the tv home since we don't have a car. 2 1/2 hours later it came :( Oh boy!!

Anyway got home and grabbed a couple of clementines, a cheese stick and a cup of cherry tomatoes. And off i went on a bus to stop at a couple of stores that i didn't get what i wanted to but hey at least i wasn't standing in a store for hours :)

The most enjoyable part of my day was meeting up with Jen (my daughter) at the mall where she works and taking her out for dinner :) I ended up having a greek salad, lots of lettuce and tomatoes a little cheese and a little dressing!

Now i'm home with a glass of wine and watching the move Salt. And i'm still way under points for the day!

Hope you had a good day.

Question day!

Yes it's the last question day before Christmas :) Enjoy!

1. Do you already have a new calendar? What's the theme? Do you usually buy yours or wait for a freebie?

2. Do you have any Christmas eve traditions??

3. How many fruits/veggies do you try to eat a day?? Or do you try??

4.What is your favorite nut?

5. What are you going to be changing to make sure 2011 will be your healthiest?

Thanks to everyone for taking the time to answer!!

Have a great Christmas "hugs"

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Yes, i went on a walk!

So this weeks challenge not only got me back to journaling my food but gave me the kick to get my butt out for a walk :)

I have to honest and say that if i didn't blog i believe i'd be eating without thinking about what i was putting in my mouth and this is usually the week i drink more as well! I still may have an extra glass of wine or two but i will at least plan for them.

Today i loved going on my walk, it wasn't too cold but cold enough that i could walk my winter route that i can only walk when the water is frozen.

Tonight i have a board meeting that i know they're serving Chinese food! No fear, i believe i have a good plan. I ate lightly today starting with a protein smoothie for breakfast, a snack of grapefruit, and lunch was some tomato basil turkey, grapes and a protein drink. That should help fight any cravings for carbs :)

I've planned on having an egg roll, chicken and vegetables and beef and vegetables. No rice!

Anyway just a quick check in and i hope you are having a great day too.