Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Another great day! With no sweeteners :)

Today is my day to go sweetener free for the challenge. Let's start at the beginning ! Coffee with a packet of raw sugar, and my brekkie. No sweeteners there, although i can say i missed it in my coffee :(

Followed by a long very cold walk!

Home for lunch, including dessert. Made with frozen banana's and whey protein. Then we're meeting with friends for coffee, again no sweetener!

Tonights dinner? Weight watchers shepherds pie and a glass of wine (didn't have any yesterday so i chose today instead) For the rest of the night i'm drinking water! So one day no sweeteners has been accomplished.


  1. Congrats on meeting the challenge! I could never do this one. :)

  2. Thats it, I'm done. i can't look at your pics anymore and not drool. So I am packing a bag and moving in with you. Hope it is Ok, cuz I am hungry!

  3. Wow! All those look REALLY yummy. I love love love shepards pie. Ummmm Winter food is so warm!!

  4. Great job on having no sweetener. I have to say that shepherds pie looks so good. Where can I find that recipe?

  5. It was kind of a tweak :)
    I took lean ground beef and browned it.
    Then i browned some onion and garlic then added a tbsp of ww flour to it. Salt and pepper.
    Added some mixed veggies because that's what i had in the freezer.
    Slowly added some low sodium beef broth until nice and thick.
    Mashed potato with some quark (kind of like very thick plain yogurt) instead of sour cream, some dried onion and parsley. A pinch of sea salt. Voila :)
    Sorry no recipe per se!

  6. Even thou I didn't get in this weeks challenge, You did so good. I really admire all you do!

  7. You did it!! That bagel looks so yummy and your blueberries are huge. Just like the ones I picked up at Costco the other day. Hope you toasted yourself with that wine tonight.

  8. People ask what you can have on LoCarb.
    Pretty soon it boils down to "nothing."
    Or just one thing over and over.
    That's why LoCarb loses so many fans!
    But I never realized just how much I do
    like the sugar subs. They are literally everywhere!
    So in that sense the challenge rocks for me

    ps - I never noticed you had huge blueberries before!!
    Must be alot of hungry people up in here today. Every one is liking your blueberries!