Saturday, January 15, 2011

Calling all challengers!!

So, how did this weeks challenge go?? I have to admit i actually not only did it but i enjoyed it too :)

Can you let me know how it went for you in the comments so that i can make up my post for tomorrow.

This weeks challenge will be very easy for some and for some of us (like me) it will be harder!


  1. I was sick the first part of the week,
    and weak the second part of the week!
    So no push ups.
    Just walking.

    Challenges are funny that way.
    I do something on a regular basis,
    But the minute the task is 'highlighted'
    it escapes me somehow.

  2. This is much easier than eating without distractions! I exercised every day, but Wednesday night's run/walk really put my mind where it needed to be!

  3. I did my push ups twice. I simply forgot about them (oops). Although I did it only twice, this weeks's challenge was way easier (I agree with Auntie Mandy) than eating without distractions. Have a great weekend!!

  4. Suzy,
    I did well with food and weight loss and exercise until yesterday. Yesterday was a fail for me. I was off plan and not getting my usual exercise, however it isn't a total disaster and I have a decent loss to show for it.

  5. nope now pushups, I am a weakling... I did my treadmil though!! does that count?

    oh um, no huh? LOL :)

  6. I totally failed this week's challenge. Totally! :/

  7. Hi I'm new to your blog but enjoying reading it. Love all the pictures to. Hope you don't mind if I add you as one of my favorite blogs.

  8. New to your blog also and loving it so far !

    Now, what are these challenges and how do I get in on them ?

  9. Sweet Pea welcome to blogland :)
    I've add you to this weeks list for the challenge.
    Once a week on Sunday i announce a challenge for that week. Leave a comment and let me know whether you want to join in that one and the next week i put a post up announcing how everyone did.
    So watch for a post tomorrow :)

  10. Got my push ups in, and learned how ro make my son crack up at me doing it. Wall Push ups + "we must, we must, we must increase our bust, for fear, for fear that it may disappear" can make a son belly laugh and say "Mom , that's gross ! ". What do kids know ???

  11. Oh my you just made my day!! Even the hubs is laughing :)

  12. I got my push-ups in this week. BTW, they were modified - not a full push-up (lol). I don't think I could handle those yet.

  13. Hi Suzi, I hang my head, my pushup efforts weren't good. I did some, but not all. Oh well, maybe I'll be better at next week's challenge. Have a good weekend.

  14. I did not do to good on this weeks challange. I did walk on my treadmill every day though. I look forward to nexts week challenge and maybe I will do better.

  15. I did them on 3 days! Yippee! I rock, baby! :-}
    Still hate 'em, though.
    But going to start working my arms more, to deflate the dreaded batwing effect when I wave. Ewww! Spring is coming, and short sleeved shirts...
    1 pushup, 2 pushups, 3 pushups...maybe I'll just use hand weights!