Sunday, January 16, 2011

Challenge Day! Results and Week 7 challenge!

Not such a great challenge last week! There were quite a few people who joined but didn't manage to do them. Maybe a post- it note next to the computer :)

Debbie who managed to exercise everyday but didn't do the push ups.
Karla didn't manage to complete the challenge, i'm cheer leading for you this week!
Ann didn't join in this challenge
Shane definitely did this challenge he even put a note in the workout area to remind him!!
Sheilagh who aced this challenge
Michele joined us in this challenge managed to do 2 days worth which when you think of it is 2 more days than you would have normally done!
Cammy didn't join in this challenge as far as i know
Jen is doing a bootcamp at sparkpeople and did the pushups :)
Kelly rocked this challenge, way to go kiddo
Mrs. D did this challenge and rocked it!
KellyNY who dared to join this challenge and even though she found it hard to do did it anyway :)
Jennifer is my hero by not only doing this challenge but doing it with little ones that keep distracting her!!
Phil has got his mojo back! I'm pretty sure he did the challenge this week
Anne who got to sit on the sidelines this week because she was sick! Hope your feeling better this week
Dawn hadn't done these for a while but gave it a go any way :)
Lynn didn't join this challenge
Princess Dieter who didn't join this challenge
Di who did it!! I will never think of push ups the same way again!
Me :) I rocked this challenge :)
That tops lady didn't manage to do the challenge this week, never mind, on to the next one :)
Auntie Mandy another challenger that not only completed the challenge but exercised every day last week!
Carla I'm sure she does many pushups :)
Cassie I hope she joins us soon!
MPax I don't think you joined us this week! If i'm wrong just leave a comment below
Jeniffer absolutely showed the pushups who was boss! Did them for 3 days even though she was a little shaky!
Me only better who didn't manage to do the push ups this week but i'm sure she'll be on top of the next challenge
Mom to the fourth power  who didn't join this challenge
Dillypoo I haven't heard from :(
Dawne who is getting back to her normal routine but i don't think she joined this weeks challenge
VRaz60 who joined in this challenge but i'm not sure how you did
Raegun  i didn't hear from Raegun this week but i hope she joins us soon
Sassy Susie  she may be late but she did it!! Good for you
Paige I haven't heard whether she tried this challenge or not
C. who joined in but i'm not sure how you've done
Weightingfor50 joined us but didn't manage all three days, hey at least you did some :)
R. Reed didn't do last weeks challenge but is more than ready for this weeks
~Darla~ Did it! Awesome
Betty joined us this week :)
Lanie Painie I'm not sure whether you joined us or not! Just leave a comment below
Zachsmama i don't think she joined us this week
Lori Did it!
Patrick who made sure to do the pushups this week, thanks for joining in!
Karen even though Karen was having a rough week she did manage to exercise most days :)
Sweet Pea is a new blogger and would love you to go over to her blog and say hi !
Christina is another new blogger please make her feel welcome :)
Andi may be new but she's rocking the challenges!

This weeks challenge:

This weeks challenge is going to be one day with no sweeteners.
I admit this is going to be a hard one for me. Are you with me??
Will this challenge be easy or hard for you?

There are a few that have not joined in the challenges! I think i'm going to post the names of those who join in the challenges weekly.  If you want to be added and i don't have you on the list just let me know.

I'll post on Saturday and you can let me know how you did!!


  1. Not going to do this one, but will watch to see how everyone else does !

  2. I don't think I can do this one either. Almost everything I do has artificial sweeteners in it, including my water mix, protein shakes, and protein bars. I don't like water without my sugar free mixes. Sorry:)

  3. No problem guys i'll look forward to you joining in next week!

    Di i always thought you didn't use any :)

  4. Even though LoCarb typically uses alot of sweeteners,
    I might have "a treat" once or twice a week.
    I'm not heavy-handed with the stuff at all.
    So I might have this one in the bag.
    Especially now that I gave up Monster Energy Drinks!

  5. Unless "wallowing" counts as exercise, I totally flaked on this challenge.

    This time I will do better though! No sweeteners should be easy for me - I just have to remember to blog about it! I'd say today is the day but I made some apple pie pancakes for breakfast and I'm pretty sure there's sugar or artificial sweeteners in the fiber one mix I use as the base.

  6. I might do this challenge, but for me it's not even much of a challenge. Only one day? I've got my meals all planned out for the day and they are all whole foods, no sweeteners that I can think of. Now three days in a row might be a challenge. I like to have a Diet Coke now and again! But I am trying to cut down on diet sodas anyway. And doing well. In a pinch, tap water does just fine. For a few days... and then I want a diet Sun Drop!

    By the way, is this challenge also about sugar and honey, or just the sweet-n-low and splenda?

  7. Does that mean that I can't even have my evaporated cane juice in my tea? I NEVER have artificial sweeteners, so that's no problem. I will do it, just need to know what I'm supposed to do.

  8. I can do this !!!

    What about stevia ?

  9. For one day on artificial sweeteners! Your o.k with cane juice, sugar, honey and stevia :)

    Game on people !!

  10. This is going to be tough. I'll give it a try and let you know.

    The pushups were a tough one too but got those done.

    OK, count me in. I'm going to do my best. At least honey and stevia is ok, right? :)

  11. Good luck with the challenge guys!It's a great challenge Suzi and so many people use it. I used to be really heavy on it, but now I don't add sweetner to anything, and rarely buy anything that has any in it.

  12. Hi, we were traveling and visiting with family yesterday so I couldn't post to you. I did the push up challenge!!
    Im in for the day of no sweetners. This will be tough for me. Soda addict here lol
    can u change ny name sassy susie to shabby chic mom-susie. Thx suzi!!
    Off to disneyland tomorrow ;)

  13. Ohhh, I'm bummed I missed the post where we gave updates on last week's challenge. I really liked the push-ups! I don't think I will join this week's challenge just because I probably consume sweetners 1-2 days a week anyway. Good luck to everyone else though. I will be following along.

  14. Andy i'll update the list :) Good luck this week!

    Same goes for you Susie!!

    Yes Kelly that is fine.

  15. I'm in...should be easy enough to do for one day.

  16. This is almost too easy for me - so I'm in! LOL!

  17. This will be a tough one for me, can't take tea without sweetner. But will give it a go:)

  18. I'm not going to do this one...because I do use quite a bit of artificial sweeters (still on that crutch, but that's ok)...and I'm afraid if I change it up too much, I'll pig out...

  19. Wish everyone good luck with this one and those who can't join are welcome to come back next week for the next challenge.

  20. First of all, way to rock the push-up challenge, Suzi! Good for you. I think I will pass on this one too because I rarely have artificial sweeteners so it would be too easy for me

    Now back in the days of diet pop, which I don't drink anymore, it would have been killer. Good luck to everyone who joins the challenge this week.

  21. I don't if it's quite fair to join since I don't ever use artificial sweetners, ever.

    But I have been working (successfully) at giving up my chewing gumm addiction, mall chewing gum does now have artificial sweetners, so that will be my area in this challenge - no gum!

    I think that counts :)

  22. Good luck all challenge participants! Personally, I'll find this one easier than the push ups!! Have a good week!!!

  23. Suzy - that photo is amazing - did you take it out on a walk?

  24. Thanks Susan, yes i did take it on one of my many walks :)

  25. When I first started blogging, I joined a challenge, and I wrote and told them my progress and they were like "What? ok good for you..... now get outta here!"
    They didn't do the follow up. How silly!
    I love it that you do the follow up and it's not just some silly box or badge on the sidebar of a blog!
    Not that there's anything wrong with that!
    Thank, SS!

  26. I'm in! I never use sweeteners anyway, so this will be easy!

  27. Im am INININININ on this one.
    I used to use them a lot and now I do ---two packets a day--- in my coffee.

    Im going to try cinnamon instead.


  28. I actually have stopped using Splenda so much - and guess what? I actually like unsweetened iced tea now - just with a splash of fresh lemon!

    Hope you have an awesome week!

  29. This one will be a cake walk for me. I do not eat much artifical sweetner. So I should do oaky. I love this challenge.

  30. I am in, though, I am not much for sweeteners, or at least I think. This week will be telling!!

  31. OMG!!! This will be the hardest one yet!! but I will give it a go, I am sure I can do one day.... aaaahhhh no frozen yogurt... Suzi you are killing me (((hugs)))