Sunday, January 23, 2011

Challenge Day! Results and Week 8 challenge

There were a few brave people that took my challenge this week! Thanks guys :)

Debbie who was pretty confident that she could do this challenge but i not sure how it went! Deb leave us a comment to let us know :)
Karla didn't manage to complete the challenge but realized how much she depends on sweeteners!!
Sheilagh who just couldn't stay away from the tea :) Who could blame her? That's how i start every week!
Michele joined us in this challenge but i haven't heard how it went! Leave a comment please Michele to let us know.
Jen is just kicking these challenges.
Anne who at least didn't use sweeteners while she slept :) And did manage to go some 1/2 days! Hey better than nothing.
Me :) I managed to get one day no sweetener, but it really made me realize how many i do use!
Auntie Mandy another challenger that managed to squeeze a day in with no sweeteners! Artificial that is :)
Carla I know she was going to try this challenge but i'm not sure how it went :(
Jeniffer went the whole week without any! Wowsa's i hope i can do that one day :)
Me only better who did this challenge the whole week as well!! You guys are good
Raegun  i didn't hear from Raegun this week but i hope she joins us soon
Sassy Susie  she joined in this week but went to California and didn't manage to do it (but had an awesome time) Better luck this week!
Weightingfor50 joined us and had great success :)
R. Reed did a great job on the challenge this week! Even kicked a sugar free gum habit!! Go  you
Lanie Painie You rocked the challenge this week!! Especially when the pie was gone :)
Patrick who ate so clean this week he didn't need sweeteners!
Karen even though Karen didn't join this weeks challenge she has been cheerleading us on! Thanks kiddo
Sweet Pea tried but couldn't quite do this challenge, however i'll bet she aces this weeks!!
Christina is another new blogger please make her feel welcome :)
Rickygetsfit welcome to our challenge :) Hope you join us for this weeks challenge!
Kathy joined us in this weeks challenge and managed to go one day no sweeteners (actually went more but that's all she needed to do for this week)!!
Debwillbefree! Hey back :) Are  you going to join us this week???
Summer who didn't get into this challenge but is definitely joining us this week :)
Hallie joined us this week! She's new so please visit her blog and say hello!
Kelly forgot to do it this week! Better luck  on the next challenge
Michele was hit with a flu bug this week. Hope your o.k for this weeks challenge.

This weeks challenge:

So what do i have up my sleeve for this week?? For this week my challenge to you is to eat 5 servings of fruit and veggies everyday this week. It can be 4 veggy and 1 fruit or any combination! So are you in with me??

What is a serving of fruit or vegetables?? Look here!
I know it's the Canadian food guide but hey it's an easy chart :)

So leave a comment if you'd like to join in this weeks challenge and i'll make a post of Saturday so that you can let me know how you did! For me i'm going to post my 5 servings everyday. Have a great week.

**if i made any mistakes please let me know


  1. I am SO IN on this one ! I think I can, I think I can, I know I can !

  2. I'm definately in for this one Suzi:)

  3. I am in, and I know I can do this! Woot!

  4. There are no winners or losers! But we just try our best :) Sometimes these challenges really open our eyes to what we really are doing!!

  5. Awww, you forgot me. That's okay. I'll join this one, but I feel guilty because it's going to be an easy one for me. Oh well, after eating at the table for every meal, what could be more difficult - lol.

  6. Ok, Suzy. I will give this one a try but I don't expect to be able to do it. I am a gastric bypass patient and have a very small stomach and our plan focuses more on protein than on vegetables and fruit. However, it will be a challenge to me to give this a try. So, wish me luck. :) I'll start tomorrow.

  7. Suzi, please count me in this week's challenge.. I will try my best to make this challenge work!
    ~Wish me luck!!~


  8. Count me love fruits and veggies!!

  9. I'm in! I have the fruit man! I can do it!

  10. I'll do this one. I always get in a good amount of fruit, but can always use a push for more veggies!

  11. I'm in! This happens to be an area that I am working on so it's perfect, just like you. :)

    have a wonderful week.

  12. Sounds like a great challenge. I'd love to join in as well. Cheers, Rick

  13. Easy - even for a LoCarb person!
    Already hit it today.

  14. haha! I got this thing! I'm in. :D Just in time to start of Monday right. :D Deb

  15. every day? EVERY day??? EVERY DAY???

    Well, today I did have pineapple, pears, snow peas, tomato sauce, and a banana . . . .so maybe it could happen. Okay - count me in. (swearing at you under my breath)

  16. About the sweeteners. I guess they are a part of my LC way of life. I never knew. They are in everything!
    I guess though, so was sugar.

  17. I'm in! My biggest challenge with this will be convincing the kids mom can have some fruit too! LOL
    My family loves us those fruits and veggies!

  18. Hi, Spunky Suzi!
    I did send an email on Saturday but it was probably too late. I am recovering slow and steady from the flu.

    Text of email: You need to count me out for this week's challenge. I did ok until Wed. and then stomach flu took over. I hope to make it for next week's challenge. Michele

    Looks like many, many other challengers did great!!

  19. Oh, and BTW: I am IN for this fruit and veggie challenge!

  20. Sorry I've fallen off the challenge wagon but I think this one will be a good one for me. Thanks for everything suzi hugs.

  21. Now this challenge I can totally do!!!

    I got this in the bag!!

  22. Can I join late? I am sooo trying to get these in every day so this little extra push would help so much! :)