Sunday, January 30, 2011

Challenge Day! Results and Week 8 challenge

Thanks to all of you for joining in this challenge and making it fun for me :) We did great this week!

Debbie who is glad that she has a pile of 0 point fruits and veggies
Karla who always eats a ton of veggies aced this challenge:) And no fro-yo doesn't count as a fruit!
Sheilagh who took the challenge and ran with it!! Good for you
Michele joined us in this challenge even though she had the stomach flu! You rock
Jen I can remember trying to get Jen to eat veggies or fruit when she was young!! She gave it a good try this week and is doing better day by day!
Kelly managed to get the fruits and veggies in for most of the week.
KellyNY who is having a rough time lately "hugs"
Anne who rocked the salad this week :)
Dawn gave it a good try this week and is going to continue to do so!!  I'm sending you fast healing wishes :)
Lynn who joined this challenge but i'm not sure how it went
Me :) I have to say i'm pretty sure i got enough fruits and veggies in everyday! It did make me stop and put more fruits or veggies with a meal.
Auntie Mandy made this challenge with flying colors!
Jeniffer  absolutely kicked this challenge :)
Me only better who not only got her 5 f&v's in but some days even more :)
Sassy Susie who did this challenge even though she couldn't taste anything this week! Now that's awesome
~Darla~ it didn't take Darla long to get her mojo back and kick this challenge :)
Lanie Painie is having a bit of a rough week, "hugs" but she still managed to get here fruits and veggies in
Patrick there must be a shortage of veggies now because i swear Patrick's eaten them all :)
Karen even though Karen has had surgery and therefore can't eat too much she managed to not only do it but enjoy it as well :) Go you kiddo
Sweet Pea i haven't heard how your week went but i hope you managed some fruit and veggies
Christina has clean eating down to a science!
R. Reed is another blogger that was battling a stomach blog but managed to get those fruits and veggies in when she was feeling better.
Dani took on the challenge
Andi  found that she had no problem with fruit but veggies were a different matter! Good for you on getting as much as you could in!
Kathy also joined us and definitely got her fruits and veggies in ;)
Deb joined us this week
Pleasantly plump also joined us
Lori who i've learned so much from and who gave me the kick to get on a bike,  joined us this week and did very well!
Tracy who joined in this week and made some really yummy sounding cinnamon swirl muffins
Sugar thanks for joining us
Brighter and Lighter is joining us all the way from Australia :)
Carlyweb joined us this week and managed to get more fruits and veggies in but wants to be eating even more
Di joined us this week and rocked all the fruits and veggies
Rick kicked this challenge and came out the winner!
Weightingfor50 took the challenge and beat it's butt :)

As usual is i've accidentally left someone out or made a mistake please leave a comment! Wow we love our fruits and veggies :)
If you see fellow bloggers that you don't know visit their blog and stop and say hi they'd love it!

This weeks challenge:

This weeks challenge is going to be to not add any salt to any of our foods! Now if your eating a processed food or someone else cooks for you don't worry, there's not much you can do about it. The challenge is just to not add any extra salt for the week. Are you in?? Please leave a comment.

After putting all of last weeks names in a random number thingamajig :) the winner of The New Sonama Diet book is Christina  please send me your full name and address at watrmlon @ gmail dot com!

I may just have to do a few more give aways :)


  1. Yes I am in and this one will be a challenge for me, but I am going to try. Thanks for your comments on my blog this week.

  2. I'm in on this challenge. I never add salt to my food, but always had tons of pepper. If you ever do a pepper one, I will fail miserably. :)

  3. I'm in. I'm another pepper person--never add salt to anything.

  4. I'm sitting this one out. Dr. has recommended adding a little iodized salt back into my diet actually. I love her.

  5. This ones almost not fair, I too never add salt to anything.

  6. I never ever ever never add salt to anything. Don't even own a salt shaker. If I do, I don't even know where it is.
    I just eat iodine. Don't try that at home, though...

  7. haha. Bless your heart--I did join in. And had planned on leaving a comment, but we got unexpected company and by the time they left it was very late and I forgot. I'm so sorry.

    I did 5 seervings of veggies 5 of 7 days--maybe 6, but I'm not sure.

    Thanks for the challenge.


  8. I am in, but this will be a challenge! (=

  9. *raising my hand* I'm so bad with this one. Not as bad as my hubby but bad.

    OK, I'm in. Dang, no salt on my eggs though?? Maybe I'll add it while I'm cooking them. :)

  10. Way to go to all the challengers, great job!!! Thanks again Suzi for doing these I've enjoyed them. This will be a good one for me since I'm being very conscious of added salt right now due to swelling. So being even more aware will be an added benefit so thanks.

    Hope you are having a great weekend!


  11. I am in, and I have already completed it. I never ever add salt to my food. Now I do add pepper to my food, allot!

  12. I'm in Suzi. Have a great rest of the weekened!!!

  13. OMGosh, this is my worst nightmare come true! lol (OK, in the scope of my whole life this is pretty minor, but in my food world, this is sooo major.) I LOVE salt, but I am IN!

  14. Congrats to Christina. I'm in, like Patrick and I've already completed it. I don't add salt to my food, but a lot of pepper too. I need an easy challenge every once in awhile. Good luck to everyone.

  15. Can it be for just one day? If so, today was my day, but it was hard!

  16. Thats awesome Kelly! If you can do another day sometime go for it.
    I'm going to try for the week :)
    Like i say, there's no winners or losers, we're all just trying to get healthy!

  17. Suzi, I did real good on my fruits and veggies for this last challenge.. I got my 5 servings in per day.. I'm sorry that I forgot to email you to let you know how I did..

    I would like to join in this challenge for this week Suzi.. Usually I do good when it comes to adding more salt to something, but ther have been those times that I've done so..
    Thanks Suzi!

    Have a great evening!


  18. I'm with andi...This will be a tough one for me as I love salt, but I'm up for the challenge. Count me in! I'll have to hide the salt shaker though! LOL

  19. I did it! I at all the servings. Mostly thanks to my green smoothies and veggie noodles. Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner!

    And Im going to sit it out this week. I am too in love with salt. Dont think less of me.

  20. By the way, SS, I have a Blog Award for you!

  21. Dani i would never think less of you that's why i don't mind whether you pick a challenge now and then or do them all or whatever :) One of these days it will probably be only me in a challenge!

    Anne thank you so much!

  22. Thanks so much Suzi, I will definitely enjoy reading this book. I'll send you my name and address to your email. Again thanks.