Friday, January 28, 2011


I'm working on computer stuff and then back to work i go! We have a new star and if you look closely it's Snuffy :)

Yep there was one very nasty customer last night, but all the great ones more than made up for him :) Hope tonight goes as well.

Today started with oatmeal, banana, egg white and peanut butter, who wouldn't like that? And yes i'm drinking my water. I get at least 9 cups in every day! Now i normally drink plain old tap water but i was having a hard time drinking it so i have been using a bit of crystal light lately. Right now i'll use whatever i need to, to get the job done :)

How are  you doing with the fruits and veggies?? Today i've planned to have a couple of bananas, some orange juice, 2 clementines, apple...uh oh they're all fruit. Normally i do have lots of veggies too so i'm not at all worried about it!

Tomorrow i'll make a post so that you can officially let me know how you did this week.

Have a great healthy day!


  1. Most of mine are fruit today too, Suzy. Yesterday too.:)

  2. That oatmeal looks yummy!

    I am doing pretty well getting in a few extra veggies this week.

  3. Awesome job on the fruit. I'm eating a ton this week too. Cheers, Rick

  4. Getting the water in, but need to add more veggies!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. oatmeal with pb and banana...yum! So far I have had a kiwi, cantaloupe, and broccoli! yay!

    I do that with water too sometimes. Winter seems to be the hardest time to drink it plain. I recently discovered decaf lady grey tea. its got a hint of orange in it..its really nice and sure does help get the liquids in.

    have a great day!

  6. I have been told by that fitness exspert Jackie that if you add lemon juice to your water you burn like an extra 10 % or something calories. Dont quote me on that. I dont remeber the exact number I am sure you could google it! But you could try lemon juice. I seen her using it straight from a bottle!

  7. I think it's so funny that we both have / had cats named Snuffy. Who else would name their cats, Snuffy - lol.

    Glad you're in the groove. I'm veggin' out here too.

  8. Snuffy, AKA, the Black Shadow! ha

    I always do graet with freggies. Yesterday, I had 9 servings (asparagus, artichoke hearts, rapberries, cantaloupe, grapes, spinach, tomato).

    And I hate that people feel the need to be nasty in comments. Do not get that. Well, okay, I'd understand if your blog was spouting racist crap or something...but it's not, so, well, okay, People are WEIRD.

    Happy Weekend!

  9. I went out and got a cat and named it Snuffy.....
    just to be part of a bigger picture.
    Not really - but if I did, I would have named it Snuffy for sure!
    Sorry that one dude was mean to ya..... I would give him a Texas-Size talking to if you wanted me to.....
    Again, I probably wouldn't, actually, but only in you really wanted me to!

  10. sorry can't type wither.....
    "If" you wanted me to...... not "in"

  11. Cats & Fruit, a new cook book idea possibly?

  12. I picked up some fruits today :) I've been doing ok....probably not everyday, but I've definitely increased my veg/fruit intake :) Slowly but surely...