Friday, January 14, 2011

What works for me and somethings that i like

Lately what has been working for me is to eat 3 meals no snacks. I've been trying to eat as clean as i can.
I don't do low carb because i have issues with my kidneys (one's just about dead and the other has a bit of damage) but i do watch my carbs. I definitely try to not eat too many because they cause me to have hunger issues and cravings.

I've been drinking at least 9 cups of water everyday.

I exercise at least 5 days a week. Usually i go for walks but also some squats, pushups and crunches.

I'm trying to stay as stress free as possible.

Enjoying every day :)

Some things i have been enjoying:

Sony wireless mp3

Almond breeze



Sugar free syrups

Blogging of course

Cherry tomatoes i eat them like candy :)


New baking pans that don't need non-stick spray


Immersion blender

Waffles :)

Fred but he's in storage or i'd be a popsicle riding him!
Here's a picture for auntie Manday:


  1. Love the photos, Suzy. I think you would be okay doing a little lower on your carbs. The issue would be limiting your protein and getting plenty of water. Too much protein can damage your kidneys but I don't think increasing your carbs will keep that from happening if you get a lot of protein. My kidneys are mostly healthy in spite of being diabetic for 14 years but I do have a tendency to make uric acid kidney stones so I take a medication that lowers my uric acid levels. It has been quite a while since I had a stone attack in spite of the high protein diet I'm on. I'm wishing you a wonderful day!

  2. I'm all for keeping life as stress free as possible.

    Gosh, now I'm hungry for some waffles.

  3. You are awesome!
    Stress-free living can be difficult somedays (=
    I love that you are eating clean and drinking so much water....

  4. I am one of your new followers. I love your pictures. I also love to ride my bike and I actually went out the other day. The temps were around 32 and the roads were clear. I bundled up really well but only was able to do 10 mins. as my face was getting numb. If it wasn't for the wind I would have been fine. Had to settle for the stationary bike indoors...just not the same. Hurry up Spring!!!

    I had lite, whole wheat waffles the other day with warmed up apple slices and a dash of cinnamon and lite sypup. My new favorite breakfast!
    Question...What is powdered peanut butter and how do you use it?

  5. You are doing great, Suzi. Fred is so darn cute. Some people find eating 3 meals is better for them than meals and snacks (whatever works for you).

    I enjoy PB2, tons of water and almonds too. I haven't seen Clementines around our neck of the woods but everyone is posting about them. Must find! Enjoy your weekend.

  6. I have ALWAYS drooled over your waffles!! Yummm!
    I love PB2! So good and low fat. Almonds and sugar free syrup and cherry tomatoes! I love your favorite things too!! Have a fabulous weekend!


  7. Love the pics of your fave things! I'll have to try the PB2 again, didn't really care for it the first time and haven't had it since.
    What's your take?


  8. Powdered peanut butter? That is the first I've heard of it! It would be tough to substitute that for regular PB on toast/bread, but I can see it would be useful in recipes (muffins, smoothies, etc).

    I enjoyed this little glimpse into your life today!

    Stay warm and enjoy your weekend

  9. All great things. I'm glad you found what works for you.

    I try to be less stressed. Lately, it's tough.

  10. I discovered PB2 the other day, but I wasn't sure whether or not to buy it. I wondered how often I would use it, with what the price was. I do eat PB and banana sandwiches a lot, but don't seem to eat PB on a lot of other things.

  11. How does the wireless MP3 player go on your head? I am really confused by that.

  12. Mandy i just put a better picture at the end of the post that should explain in better :) They are so comfortable and they never move!!

  13. Hmm... I think I need to name my bike! Maybe "Hope." I hope the biking season comes fast this year, I hope I don't fall off, I hope my biking shorts aren't too tight...

  14. Cherry tomatoes: "I eat them like candy." LOL ME TOO!! Waffles look really good. Good idea - I've been trying to get my kids to eat more protein, esp. in the am and my daughter makes waffles. I'll have to suggest that she add some protein powder to them.
    Love the clemintine pic! :D

  15. PS (I knew there was something I wanted to ask...) DaVinci Syrups - where do you get them??!!! Mmmmm.
    I thought they were only in the US.

  16. Thanks for sharing what's working for you! Keep it up! I will have to try clemintines too!

  17. Thanks for sharing what's working for you! Keep it up! I will have to try clemintines too!

  18. PB2 Where do you get that?? I have seen you mention that before and I just assumed you ment regular peanut butter. I was sitting here eating my Steel cut oats with peanut butter and bananas and thinking I sure wish that i could have this and it taste the same and be lower calories just when I came across the PB2 on your post. NO JOKE!!! But I have never seen it anywhere!!

  19. Where did you find PB2? Did you cross the border to get that bottle of gold???

  20. Dawne you can order it here online and it's in Canada :)