Saturday, February 26, 2011

Calling all challengers!

Did you make a new recipe this week?? Please leave a comment and maybe an addy to your post!

Thanks everyone for participating.

I definitely had fun with this one even though some weren't technically recipes :) I loved reading your blog posts and we'll definitely have to do this one again. You guys sure know how to cook!!


  1. I love recipes! Thanks for this challenge!

  2. Yep, I did this one ~

  3. 1 part Luv
    1 part Blogging
    a pinch of effort
    work it all together -
    A recipe for a new day!

    "It's so tastee, too! Tastes just like candy!"

  4. I made the magic rolls

    They were fun and tasty!

  5. I didn't meet the challenge this week. I was just not in the cooking frame of mind. :)

  6. You guys did great!! Don't worry Karen there are weeks I don't cook much either!

  7. I've fallen off the challenge wagon but will try to get back to it this week. Thanks for continuing to do this for us. *hugs*