Monday, February 14, 2011

Got some extra walking in today :)

Started today bright and early with a protein blueberry pancake!

Then i had to get ready to go to two meetings. On the way there i did get off the bus early so that i could not only get some extra walking in but also buy a coffee from my favorite cafe :) chocolate raspberry!

Took a meal replacement and a couple of clementines for my lunch. Keeps me satisfied for a few hours.

Yesterday i spent some time planning my menus for this week and i also penciled in my exercise. I'm already ahead of the game this week!

Have you planned how you're going to make this week healthy??

Oh and by the way did i mention what the hubster bought for me? Well we did our taxes today and ended up getting more than we thought. Then Ralph turns around and says lets go to BestBuy.... A couple of hours later i'm the proud owner of a new laptop that is getting set up, virus protection and a back up disk from the geek squad :)  Hopefully i can pick it up tomorrow or Wednesday. My cheeks are aching from smiling so much.

  • AMD Phenom II quad-core N930 processor and 6 GB system memory
  • 500 GB hard drive
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Pre-installed Windows 7 Home Premium
  • HDMI, USB 2.0 and media card connectivity options

And not one chocolate passed through my door today! Now that is a major NSV


  1. Wow...Now thats a Valentine! What girl wouldn't want that....

  2. Ohhhh, how nice, Suzi. Much better than chocolate. I did plan this entire day out, wrote it down and counted the points. I think if you were my neighbour you'd keep me so on track!

  3. Here's to a new machine, w new outlook on your wonderful same - but not the same blog!
    "Baby" (my Mac) says "Welcome!"

  4. Wow, a laptop! Better than the bestest chocolate any day, LOL!

  5. Great NSV - and congrats on the new computer! Happy Valentine's Day, Suzanne!

  6. Happy vday suzi, wow, that's a sweet laptop. Enjoy!

  7. Oh la la - good going!
    The coffee sounds AWESOME too! Mmmmm.
    I got a walk in today too - it just feels springy sort-of, eh?

  8. The laptop would be nice, but I'd rather have those pancakes!

  9. woo hoo!!! pancake AND a lap top!!!

  10. WoW what a great Valentine gift. Guy's called Ralph are amazing aren't they;)



  11. Love it what a great present! Awesome guy :) I jotted down an exercise schedule and already flubbed it, not due to my own failure but valentines surprises and forgetting the gym is closed today (ok that one is my flub).

    Back on it tomorrow!

  12. Lucky girl! :) A full lap top will be better for at home :)
    We did our usual sushi and action movie....and I got myself a manicure and a pair of boots! (they were on sale!! :)
    I'm determined to only were running shoes for exercise from now on, so that I will actually have time to use all of my boots/shoes ;)

  13. A new computer is always fabulous!

    You are an inspiration for the "no" on chocolate on V Day. I did not make it.

  14. 6GB of RAM?!? Jaysus, that's sweet Suzi - my laptop is plodding along on 2 and is forever making me yell in frustration. lol