Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sometimes small things make my day!

As you know I needed to go to a meeting today. That involved taking a bus.

At the bus stop was a homeless man who asked me for a bus ticket, which I didn't have. He then asked me for money for the bus, but I didn't have any. He moved aside muttering how nobody helps anyone in this country.

Well along came a young girl who did have an extra ticket for him.

At this point the bus came and we got on the bus. He then started to talk to me. He asked me where I worked  and I told him Tim Horton's. He asked me how I liked it and I said it was good. Next he asked me if I was married which I answered yes. Then he asked if I had kids and I said I had two. He asked if they liked me to which I chuckled and said I think so :)

Anyway, as you can imagine he kept asking questions and I kept talking to him. Before I got off the bus he was telling me what a nice lady I was and I left the bus with a smile and I started my day on a very positive note :)

Oh did I say he looked like Santa Clause?? Made my day!!


  1. Isn't it funny how a complete stranger can lift our spirits and turn an ok day into a wonderful day?

    We should all be friendly to each other.

  2. Thank you for being kind to that homeless person. Just knowing that there are still a few good people who won't dishonor somebody who is down on their luck . . . it gives me hope for the world. So many people would have ignored the man or worse. It sounds like you brightened his day as well.

    Thanks for making the world a better place :-)

  3. He was a very nice gentleman and i hope he enjoyed our talk as much as i did :)

  4. You properly blessed this person more than you know.

  5. The smallest things bring the richness to one's life. I truly believe this :)

  6. Well.... Santa does live in Canada!
    He would take the bus in the off-seasons!
    And he never has $$.... just sayin'!

  7. Yes, he does live in Canada, Anne. The little things are the biggest blessings in life.