Sunday, February 20, 2011

Very interesting....

As you can see Snuffy's helping me with my new laptop!

I've been perusing Dr. Oz's site online and he has some pretty interesting stuff! Which can be a problem because then I get interested in it and forget there are other things I'm supposed to be doing :)

I'm working today and tomorrow and yes tomorrow is the first day of Roll up the rim!! I will be insanely busy.

A beautiful sunny day here (when I lift my head up from my laptop to look).

This week I'm starting a new routine for exercise. 3 days of walking, 3 days of weights and stretching. We'll see how that works for me. I've even made an exercise calendar so that I can keep track of which exercises I'm doing.

Wait till you see the recipe I'm trying this week :)

How is your weekend going??


  1. What kinds of stuff did you find on the Dr. Oz site? Your workout plan sounds good. I'm going to kick up my weight training too. Can't wait to see your recipe.

  2. Sounds like a good plan, Suzy. I wish you the best with it. Have fun working today. It is overcast here so I am just chilling in the house waiting for something to do.

  3. You upcoming exercise plan sounds like mine for this week ! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I really appreciate your comments ; )

  4. All I ever seem to win at Timmies is donuts. And they're the last thing I need to be getting for free :) Cheers, Rick

  5. I'm with Rick - love roll up the rim until I get my first donut. Ha! Have a good one!

  6. ha ha, look at Snuffy. He's so curious. Your plan sounds solid, Suzi. It will be interesting to see how it goes...and I'm curious about your recipe. I've got a couple in mind too.

  7. Snuffy looks like my sons cat Boots!

    We love Dr. Oz! We dvr his show, I have a notebook full of notes from them! We have also bought all of his books. He's the best!

    Can't wait to see your recipe!

  8. Love Dr Oz! He has a Move It And Lose It program on there now, tracking calories/movement, tips, advice--so many things. Sigh., I can get lost on his website for hours. Hard to explain to hubby why nothing was done at the end of the day though. LOL
    Love Timmy's! Haven't won a vehicle yet, but I'm still trying!
    Love your plan--I've been doing some light weight/resistance work and can already feel muscles peering out from beneath the flab. Have fun with it!:-D

  9. I caved this weekend and finally did a calendar too.
    that way theres NO WAY I skip the yoga because I "forgot"



  10. I loooooooooooove Dr. Oz. Seriously. Not only does he always have something useful and interesting to say/teach us about, but he's really sexy...I don't know what it is though!

  11. Great and snowy weekend with loads of walking. Cute kitty, Suzi!

  12. Sometimes I really like Dr. Oz and then other times I think he's really too weird, especially when he goes on and on about superficial things like wrinkles instead of general health. Gets tiresome.

    This weekend is really long for me. Kiddo had Fri and today off and we were hit with an ice storm so I'm wondering if they won't have tomorrow off as well.

    Lots of crafts to be done and one of my new recipes is in the oven right now!

  13. Your workout plan sounds tops! I have been thinking about reassesing my workout plan, I don't think I am liking it. Have a great day at work!

  14. I do that, too.
    Odd days - this.
    Even days - that.
    That way I don't have to remember
    Which is which.
    Happy Family Day, to you and yours, by the way!

  15. YAY FOR RECIPES!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve :)

    I like Dr. Oz ok. I liked him more before he said somethings that weren't accurate about Type 1 Diabetes on the Oprah show and then never bothered to apologize or retract his statements. I've been given both him and O the cold shoulder ever since.

    (This is a touchy subject because my oldest child has Type 1 Diabetes. And she didn't get it because I stuffed her full of sugar and crap. It's an autoimmune disorder that no one could have predicted...and that changed our lives forever. With that, I'm off to check her blood sugar and head to bed!)

  16. Resisting the temptation to go to the Oz website and "explore." :)

    Sounds like a great plan! WWS plan: walking, weights, stretching.

  17. I record his show and skip through to the interesting bits. He has lots of little things that make my ears perk up.

  18. I have been watching a ton of Dr. Oz, so much so that my son says to me last week, "Mom, are we going to watch Dr. Oz get naked today?" I almost died. Thank God he did not say that in front of anyone! This is Carrie by the way. :)