Wednesday, March 23, 2011

And down I went again!!

The weather didn't look tooooooo bad out so we decided we'd still meet our friend at the all you can eat Chinese buffet.

O.k it was cold and windy and there was quite a bit of snow and ice on the ground.

Got to the restaurant in one piece :) Had two plates of mostly pickled beets, veggies and a bit of shrimp and chicken. Dessert was some fruit and one small dessert square which I had planned on having! Lemon water for my drink.

When we left I was pleasantly full but not stuffed and I'm very happy with my choices :)

Unfortunately when we left the weather was worse :( So off we trudged to the bus stop.  Unfortunately I fell down on the ice but I think the only thing wrong will be a bruise!!

Hope your day is going a lot better than mine!


  1. OOPS! Careful my Dear. Dinner looks very healthy. Nothing looked Chinese :)

  2. Oh no! Poor thing. Gotta be careful on that slick ice.

  3. One of our favorite restaurants is a Chinese Buffet. I have to admit I don't usually eat as healthy as you. I love their noodles, rice and egg rolls.

    Sorry to hear you fell. That's the one thing I don't miss about living where it snows.

  4. Hope you are ok ? You did awesome at the chinese buffet.... I can't do that lol

  5. Oh dear. Hope your bruise isn't too bad!!!

  6. Oh no! Hope your ok and it was only a bruise. I know it must have been embarrassing,I've done that same thing except there was no ice...